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Dental Laboratorio, the online store specializing in dental products, offers personalized advice for clinics about national and international products that you can find in our store.

The online store for dentists, dental hygienists, dental technicians, and, ultimately, the dentistry store. At Dental Laboratorio, make your purchases quickly, easily, safely, and always with the confidence of our personalized advice.

We are a dynamic team of professionals whose main objective is to give the best service to dental professionals. We work every day to create confidence and security in their purchases with our clients.

All our efforts are focused on buying what you need, knowing the product that fulfills the necessary functions and the expectations you want.

We are driven by customer service, personalizing your purchase and advising you with the products. We know that they should not lack any material for clinics to provide an excellent service to their patients. In this way, the patients are well cared for, the clinics well equipped, and our goal is met.

Prodontologic is not just a product showcase; at all times, you will have someone happy to assist you and solve all your doubts, in addition to getting you all the material you need and cannot find.

Our team

We are proud of our team as it is the main reason for our success. Everyone at Dental Laboratorio is passionate about dentistry and e-commerce. Dental Laboratorio is a fun, creative, and dynamic workplace that allows us to grow together.

We come from SEVERAL CITIES OF THE GREAT CHINA and share the same goal: “To improve the day-to-day life of dental clinics through technology and the best service.”

Dental products

Dental Laboratorio offers you a wide range of dental products. Dental Laboratorio is a manufacturer of dental products with an extensive portfolio of equipment for dental clinics, from instruments designed with great precision to equipment with modern technology.

Our company has been internationally certified, achieving consistent and repeated approval from the world’s most demanding, critical, and respected regulators. As a manufacturer of dental products, we consistently produce beyond industry standards for customer service, high-quality dental products, and employee satisfaction.

The full range of Dental Laboratory dental products also includes a wide variety of dental laboratory equipment.

The dental material that you cannot miss in your dentistry clinic or dental laboratory

Our main objective is that at Dental Laboratorio, you can find all the necessary dental material for the day-to-day running of the clinic. In this article, we review all the types of materials used in a dental clinic, in case you are thinking of opening your dental clinic, if you want to renew a particular product line or if you want to find out.

Let’s start with the essential instruments needed in a dental clinic:

The following dental instruments should not be missing in the examination tray of every dentist:

  • Dental examination mirror: the mirror is an essential dental instrument to explore the oral cavity of the patient, both for direct vision and for the indirect vision technique, as well as be able to act as a separator of the mouth. Its small size and the remarkable adaptability they offer make it an essential dental instrument for a perfect vision of work.
  • Probes: the probe is an instrument that ends in a long and thin tip, and we can find two types:
  • Forceps: A dental forceps is a fundamental instrument used in dentistry for a multitude of tasks: they serve both to separate tissues, hold them, suture, and transport small objects to the oral cavity or out of it. Depending on the task to be carried out. Going to perform, there are different types of forceps: surgical, for ligatures, hemostatic.
  • Pliers: Pliers are an instrument used in dentistry for a multitude of treatments, especially in orthodontics and in the laboratory, such as cutting wires and pins, bending hooks, etc., cutting materials such as plaster or plaster, and with various types of tips.

Next, the Rotary Instruments and small appliances

Rotary instruments are made up of those instruments that perform rotational movements at different speeds to move a dental bur placed at its end. For their operation, they must be connected to the hoses of the den equipment.

Such, for which different couplings are depending on the types of connection.

  • Turbines: A dental turbine is a rotating instrument driven by air compression directly through the hose of the dental unit using a coupling. Of all the rotating materials, it is the one with the highest speed but the lowest torque. It is indicated for jobs that require more excellent resistance to treatment, removing hard tissues from the tooth such as enamel or prosthesis material.
  • Handpieces: these are the slowest rotary instruments (between 20,000 to 40,000 rpm) and are not usually used in the mouth. They are used to touch up prostheses and are permanently attached to the micromotor. Finally, these instruments may or may not carry light.
  • Against Angles: They are used to work in the mouth in the removal of caries material, preparation of crowns and cavities, removal of fillings, finishing and polishing of dental and restorative surfaces. They are low-speed, high torque instruments.
  • Dental Light-curing Lamps: these lamps are used to light-cure dental materials, especially adhesives and composites. They have ultraviolet light that acts on photopolymerizable materials, causing them to polymerize and harden quickly.
  • Apex Locators: Apex Locators are dental devices for endodontics treatments that measure the impedance, frequency, and resistance of the surrounding material to locate the working length of the root canal to be endodontic.

Large appliances and machinery for dental clinic:

  • Autoclaves: To perform steam sterilization at a temperature higher than 100ºC in all dental clinics, an autoclave is necessary, usually class B.
  • X-rays: for dental diagnosis and treatment, it is very common in dentistry to carry out radiographic tests. In dental laboratories, you can find all kinds of materials for carrying out X-rays such as revealing boxes, intensifying screens, negatoscope, films, X-ray holders, X-ray positioners, protective materials, cleaning materials, X-ray protectors, sensors protectors, stain removers. , developers, fixers.

As you can see in our online store, you will find the most straightforward instrument to the most complex technological equipment to facilitate your work in your dentistry clinic from here: If you are thinking of opening your dental clinic, do not hesitate to contact us, and we can help you find all the necessary material at the most competitive price.

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