Ideas Of Dental Lab Design

Importance of dental lab design for better prosthesis production

 The dental lab is designed for manufacturing and customizing corrective devices and the replacement of natural teeth and associated structures. A dental technologist is a member of the dental lab who upon prescription from a dental clinician manufactures a custom-made restorative and dental appliance. The basic requirements for a dental lab include a counter space with sink and plaster trap, polishing lathe, vibrator, and model trimmer. The poorly planned dental lab doesn’t give the efficiency in providing explicit results. Much effort and planning have gone solely into the operatory dental offices, leaving the dental lab area neglected. Now a day’s many companies have been making dental lab equipment for years and now entering into dental lab designs. This article looks at why it is of utmost importance is proper designing of the dental lab for better dental lab results.

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Design considerations

The primary benefit of a good dental lab design is that it negates the time and cost of planning and building a lab workplace. Now a day’s modular constructed workstation allows the flexibility and versatility of personalized design and expansion when necessary. It also makes much better use of space.

We should take care of and protect three areas of the body: our eyes, our posture, and our lungs. The dental lab design should be designed in such a way that all these factors should be kept under consideration.

The dental lab should be well illuminated. The source of light should well illuminate the area and should be free of flicker and shadows. These factors help to minimize undue strain to the eyes and fatigue when working for a long period of time. Moreover, the dental lab should have an area with a natural source of daylight for shade selection and color matching.

Along with good illumination in the workstation, there should also be provision for magnification. Magnification greatly increases the comfort of working and also greatly reduces the strain on the eyes. Magnification greatly improves the efficiency of work. Eyes should also be protected from flying debris, splinters, and bur fragments using an eye protection shield. The eye protection wear must be kept ready at all times in the front of the work area where grinding is done.

Maintaining a correct posture during a long period of work is very important to maintain the health of the musculoskeletal system. The operatory stool is of primary importance for supporting a correct and comfortable upright position. We should not be allowed to slouch or slump into a damaging posture for which the stool or the chair we use is of utmost importance.

Lungs can act as a dust collection system and can lead to a number of systemic diseases. Vacuum ejectors and an effective filtration system should be strategically placed for the filtration of dust particles. The importance of this cannot be neglected at any cost. We don’t even realize the number of unseen particles floating in the dental lab workstation which we are constantly exposed to. These particles can make their way to the alveoli of the lungs and can cause irreversible damage to the lungs.

The dental lab should be designed in such a way that the work surface should be durable as it is constantly exposed to flames, chemicals s and sharp instruments. Usually, the entire workstation of the dental lab is made up of steel. The design of the dental lab should provide comfort to all the drawers and areas easily. It is recommended that the drawer should be of full extension type so that the entire drawer can be utilized on opening.

The advantage to purchase through the local dealer cannot be left unnoticed as they are also available to advise, plan and upgrade your dental lab design. Moreover, they can also provide financial support on up graduation of the dental lab from time to time.

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If you have never thought of the design of your dental lab think again. Every time a piece of acrylic enters your eye while trimming a denture may cause irreversible damage. Once you properly plan and design your dental lab you and your staff would enjoy more while working in your dental lab. Moreover, the efficiency of the dental lab is increased many folds. The dental lab design is as important as your dental operatory and it will you serve well if you do proper planning.

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