The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping for Dental Supplies

Online shopping is one of the most embraced and booming technologies that is a lifesaver in very different aspects. It is a platform that creates visibility and is not biased as it accommodates different suppliers in the market. At this age and time, you can shop for anything on online shopping platforms. The buying potential online shopping for dental supplies has increasingly grown majorly due to dental health awareness. The common way of getting dental supplies was shopping from the local shops, however, eCommerce has turned the tables around and introduced online shopping for dental supplies. There is a need for dentists to make the right decision while choosing the best way to shop. In this article, we shall explore the Pros and Cons of online shopping for dental supplies. This will assist you in choosing how to shop, online or Physical?


Pros of Online Shopping For Dental Supplies

1 Convenience

By choosing online shopping to get your dental supplies, you are living the dream. It saves you time spent on moving from one shop to the next until you find what best suits your preference. It gives you a chance to shop conveniently at the comfort of your couch from different suppliers, check for specifications and compare economic value. The steps for online shopping are quite simple,

Firstly, visit the dental online store,

Search for the products

Choose the products you would like to purchase

Make Payment, this can be on delivery or once you order.

Finally, the store shall communicate on the delivery date.

2.  A wider range of products of various dental brands

You will have access to different online dental stores offering different dental brands, this gives you an idea of what to purchase. At the end of the day, the dentist will be satisfied with their choice as they have an online unlimited interaction with different brands. The dentist might make smarter and faster-purchasing decisions.

3. More discounts and Vendors compared to Local vendors

Nothing is more attractive than a good discount. Dental online stores have frequent discount offers and huge sales which they advertise on their online shops, this means that you can never miss out on discounts and good sales.

4. Competition and increase in the level of good customer care.

There has been an increasing growth in the number of dental online stores, which has increased the level of competition. Vendors have had to up their game by improving their customer service. Customers can ask questions using the platform and get quick feedback until they are fully satisfied. Also, customers can be able to see vendors’ ratings and reviews before deciding to online shopping for dental supplies.

5. Network chain of Vendors and buyers

The real power of the Internet is its ability to bring buyers and sellers together in an open, unbiased (transparent) marketplace while providing buyers with information that empowers smarter buying decisions. Through visiting various dental stores, buyers will be able to develop a relationship with different vendors.

6. Efficiency

Online shopping is all about efficiency and gaining back control of your business. There are 24 hours and 7-day access to the online stores, therefore dentists do not have to chair-side time with patients to taking care of ordering supplies.

7. Less Crowding

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyles and the way with interact with other people. Less interaction is preferred to minimize the spread, therefore contacting a dental online dental store is better for safety purposes.

8. The Future

In the coming years, eCommerce will be embraced in the supply chain of dental supplies, so why not start now to get ahead of things.

Cons of Online Shopping

  1. Not immediate delivery.

The dental online store will not always deliver the same day you place your order. This might inconvenience the dentist, especially if they are in urgent need of the supply. In such a situation it’s advised to visit the locally based store where you can get your supply immediately you pay for it.

  • Scums and Lack of advice.

This is one of the biggest challenges with online shopping. There are many vendors with dental online stores and all of them assuring you that what they are selling is legit supplies. Dentists might end up being perplexed and purchasing a disappointing material. However, when you decide to shop with your local shop you can expect good and legit advice as the relationship is symbiotic. The local vendor will be of great help in the following ways;

Give practical and valuable suggestions on how to set up the clinic

Share useful contacts that will help in setting up such as the architects, electricians, website designers, etc

  • Shopping for Counterfeit goods

There is a high risk of shopping for fake products that are intentionally designed to look like a certain brand but are not. This ruins the brand reputation of the original product especially if it does not meet the expected function and also poses a great safety risk. At most times it is always hard to differentiate the original from the fake products, but it’s important to check for the vendor’s reviews just to be on the safe side.

  • Repackaged or relabeled products.

Some vendors are there to just sell and do not care about the aftermath of their customers. Repackaging and relabeling is a common practice, especially for products that are near to expire. A buyer may end up buying products that are already expired that may cause problems to the patient, which may shake the dentist’s practice.

  • Return Policy

Dental online stores might have a return/guarantee policy in case a product does not meet the intended purpose. At times the vendors might guarantee the buyers of return in case of any issues, however, the response might not replicate when there is an issue. The dentist will end up bearing the cost.

  • Complain Management system

The complaint management system is slow and might take time before an issue is resolved.

  • Products that are diverted from an authorized channel: These products often don’t comply with local laws and may have compromised quality due to improper handling or storage conditions;
  • Not Getting the right fit/size

A big challenge when choosing to purchase crowns e.g. zirconia crowns online is that you might get the wrong size of crown that might not fit the patient’s teeth, hence delaying the implantation process.

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