Dental Laboratorio: A Dental Supply Store Dedicated to Quality

It is one thing to find a dental supply store and another to find a store that is fully dedicated to supplying quality products. Dental Laboratorio does exactly that. It has a well-trained and efficient customer care service that ensures the buyers are fully satisfied. Its goal’s not selling but ensuring the needs of buyers are fully met.

Why Choose this Dental Supply Store

  • Customer Focused

This dental supply store’s goal is to ensure that the customer or dentist has acquired the right material/supply. The dentist and team should know what they need which is the type of equipment and supply their specifications to ensure they have acquired the correct dental supply.

  • Good Reputation

It has been in existence for over 20 years plus years, and during these years it has managed to create a good image of its dental supplies.

  • Good Culture

A good culture has driven this dental supply store to be Customer focused and a good customer care service.  They ensure that the dentist gets the right supply and suits the purpose of the function.

  • Quality Supplies

It is not just supplying dental products to a customer, but supplying quality dental supplies. Having been in business for 20 plus years they have bridged that gap of poor quality dental supplies.

  • Legal Legislation.

It has met the expected legal requirements of supplying dental supplies and guarantees its clients good and safe quality supplies. They are also an approved dental store to supply dental supplies and equipment.

  • Helps client to save money

It means that we work hard to help our clients save money and find the best dental products and solutions to meet their unique needs

  • It accommodates both clients and dentists

A dentist does not have to purchase your dental material. You can check online for the right description and specification and place an order.

  • Good Customer Reviews

Having been in existence for quite some time, the dental supply store has established a good and long-term relationship with clients hence getting good customer reviews and recommendations. This has increased the confidence in new and prospective clients.

  • Largest online dental supply store

Over the years it has been known as one of the largest online dental supply stores, this means that they have a wide range of products and you can always find what you are looking for.

  • Support Team

They have a 24 hour trained and skilled support team that you can chat with in case you need assistance or clarification.

What does dental supply store supply?

The dental supply store has not specialized in certain supplies, it offers a wide supply of products covering basics, such as toothbrushes to delicate and sensitive’s supplies. There is everything for everyone in the Dental supply store

Guidelines to Order

Firstly, open an account with Dental Laboratorio and register your details. Visit their dentist online store and search for the dental supply you are looking for. It will then display the products they have with different specifications and price ranges. The specification and descriptions are meant to guide you on the right supply/tool you need. Then Place an order.

Guideline to acquiring the right supply and equipment in the dental supply store.

  • What you are looking for

Dental Laboratorio supplies a wide range of products, therefore dentists should have a preference of the kind of supply they would like. This helps in ensuring the client gets the right kind of supply.

  • Have a budget

A budget is very important especially if you would not like to overspend. Your budget should include the list of supplies you would like to get and the amount you expect to spend for each supply.

  • Inventory check

Keep an inventory check of the instruments, this will guide you to keep you up with the latest technology.

What Dental Laboratorio does to ensure a safe delivery Process?

Products are delivered via the economic airline parcel and it takes about 10-20 days to arrive, you can see and track the movement of the products before it arrives

Delicate equipment is handled properly and carefully. Staff involved in handling are informed and sensitized on proper handling to ensure safe delivery.

Safe packaging of the supply’s and products to prevent damage and contamination

Some heavy-duty dental lab equipment products are delivered with DHL, FedEx which takes about 4 days to arrive.

The Future of Dental Laboratorio

Dental Laboratorio hopes to continually improve to ensure they provide a good customer care service to clients and also remain relevant. These are some of the improvements that the future holds for the dental online store

  • Technological advancement

There is constant technological advancement in the dental supplies, dental online store shall ensure to have the latest model of equipment’s and new supplies to ensure they supply new products

  • Advancement in their online store

To constantly improve the dental online store to be more user-friendly and easy to use.

  • Reduced lead time

To reduce the delivery time of supplies ordered to fewer days.  

  • More Improved Customer service

There is never a perfect customer care service, the online dental store shall continually improve the dental online store and take up the recommendation given for a better and effective customer care service.

Establish a follow-up process after purchase, to take the first initiative to follow up directly with clients after delivery. This is to ensure that the client was satisfied with the product.

  • Educate clients

To use and utilize the dental online platform to educate and inform clients of new technology so that they stay up to date at all times. Also advising the clients on the dentist’s supplies and equipment they need defending on the size of practice they have.

  • Improved communication system

To improve their communication by ensuring quick response to client’s questions and handling customer complaints raised effectively.

  • Relationship with Clients

Establish a long-term relationship with clients, develop a mutual partnership with clients.

  • Cost Friendly supplies

To supply cost-friendly supplies and enable the customers to save money.

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