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dental dowel pins for lab model production

dental lab dowel pins

Dental Dowel Pins for making saw cut models.This system consists of positioning pins on each prepared tooth before casting.Placing without adequate precision can encroach on the margins, weaken the die, and prevent it from coming out easily. Dental Dowel pin allows you to reposition individual stumps quickly and safely.Its improved geometry makes it possible to increase the precision of […]

articulator dental type and facebow working together

amann girrbach articulator and facebow kit

What is an articulator in dentistry dental articulators are mechanical instruments that allow recreating the relationship of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) with the jaws, by mounting the upper and lower impression models on the instrument. The articulator simulates the patient’s mandibular movements. It provides static and dynamic relationships to observe those malocclusions or dysfunctionalities extraoral. […]

Dental Impression Procedure Solutions

silicon rubber dental impression materials

Obtaining a fine oral impression is of great significance in dental cosmetic restoration. So how do I get a better oral impression in clinical practice? 1. The choice of dental impression tray The tray used to take the impression must have a certain degree of rigidity, otherwise, when using a high-viscosity impression material, it is easy […]

Why does the dentist favour zirconia teeth

full ceramic zirconia teeth cad cam

1. What is zirconia ceramic teeth All-ceramic zirconia teeth are made of high-temperature,wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant inorganic non-metallic materials; they are teeth made of a mineral that exists in nature with oblique zircon. Zirconium all-ceramic teeth are all made with computer CAD-CAM technology, that is, laser scanning,computer-aided design, and three-dimensional numerical control professional machine tools to process suitable […]

What is the life span of zirconia teeth-benefit and type

life span of full zirconia restorarion and advantage

What is all ceramic cad cam zirconia tooth?   All-ceramic teeth are zirconia restorations that cover the entire crown surface and do not contain metal inner crowns. Because it is made of high-strength porcelain material close to the color of the teeth, it is more beautiful than metal-based porcelain restorations. The translucency is similar to natural […]