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Why does the dentist favour zirconia teeth

full ceramic zirconia teeth cad cam

1. What is zirconia ceramic teeth All-ceramic zirconia teeth are made of high-temperature,wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant inorganic non-metallic materials; they are teeth made of a mineral that exists in nature with oblique zircon. Zirconium all-ceramic teeth are all made with computer CAD-CAM technology, that is, laser scanning,computer-aided design, and three-dimensional numerical control professional machine tools to process suitable […]

What is the life span of zirconia teeth-benefit and type

life span of full zirconia restorarion and advantage

What is all ceramic cad cam zirconia tooth?   All-ceramic teeth are zirconia restorations that cover the entire crown surface and do not contain metal inner crowns. Because it is made of high-strength porcelain material close to the color of the teeth, it is more beautiful than metal-based porcelain restorations. The translucency is similar to natural […]

Several factors affecting the service life of porcelain teeth

good quality of porcelain teeth

Porcelain teeth are a very common method of tooth restoration. They are widely used. Of course, the price of making porcelain teeth is not cheap. Therefore,a high-quality porcelain tooth is selected to extend its service life and improve cost performance. The life of porcelain teeth is often affected by internal and external factors. Once affected […]

Teeth veneer, increasingly popular teeth whitening

beauty veneer teeth in teeth whitening

Different clinical restoration of teeth veneer for cosmetic A dental veneer, like a tooth beauty technique, is increasingly popular because of its perfect effect. A veneer is a technique for tooth whitening repair. Tooth whitening repair is to paste a layer of material with a normal tooth color on the surface of discolored or defective […]

Seven advantages of zirconium dental restoration

the benefit of zirconia dental teeth

The advantages of zirconium dental restoration for cosmetic 1. Zirconium teeth are a kind of minerals that exist in oblique zircon in nature. The medical zirconia has been cleaned and processed, with a small number of alpha rays remaining in the zirconium. Its penetration depth is very small, only 60 microns. 2. Zirconium ceramic teeth […]