Dental Dowel Pins for making saw cut models.This system consists of positioning pins on each prepared tooth before casting.Placing without adequate precision can encroach on the margins, weaken the die, and prevent it from coming out easily.

Dental Dowel pin allows you to reposition individual stumps quickly and safely.Its improved geometry makes it possible to increase the precision of placing a tooth die on base support in the dental laboratory and maintain this precision despite its retention grooves’ plaster dust and wear.

dental lab dowel pins

Feature of the dental laboratory dowel pins

The dental dowel pin consists of a shank in the shape of a generally elongated rectangular solid with rounded ends to provide an oval cross-section. Many longitudinal notches are made to increase the contact area. Thus, the retention precision between the dental peg and the cavity walls or groove in the base holder into which it is inserted during application is high. On the opposite end, a knurled head is attached to the shank of the dental pin. Functional materials to build the dental peg from include brass, plastic, and epoxy, but any similar hardness material can be just as satisfactory.

The greater simplicity, stability, precision, and ease of use of the present invention’s dental peg are advantageous for use in the dental laboratory.

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