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Dental laboratories play an essential role in the productivity and practice of dentistry. 

All the specialties of dentistry are prosthodontics, orthodontics, restorative, all these specialties require major assistance from the dental laboratory. It is, therefore, best to say that dental laboratories are the heart of dentistry. Also, dental technicians, the instruments, and equipment used by dental technicians play a critical role in the success of the dental treatment. 

If the equipment in the dental laboratory is of low quality, then there is a greater risk of making faulty dental appliances, which eventually will not fit the patient’s oral cavity, hence more revisions or even poor delivery of the dental appliances and less patient satisfaction. This also results in less productivity of the dental practice and hence less turnaround. 

To overcome such dilemmas, dental practitioners should work collaboratively for the success of the treatment. Another thing that matters is selecting and choosing dental laboratory equipment and material that is of the best quality and durable. After all, the success of the dental treatment is the main goal of the dentistry. Denture injection systems and denture materials are important for the manufacturing of dentures and keeping in view its importance our company offers some of the best-quality denture injection systems and denture materials. 

The dental denture injection system is an important part of the dental laboratory. It is also known as a flexible machine and is used to make removable partial dentures. The machine consists of two units;e the heating unit or furnace and the injecting unit or flexible molding machine. 

How to operate the dental denture injection system? 

dental denture enjection machine

The following are some basic steps that all dental health care professionals should know before working on the denture injection system. 

– Turn on the heating unit or furnace and set the heating system on one of the preset temperatures. 

– Spray the inside of the cartridge sleeve with silicone release spray. 

– Adjust the cartridge or the material to be used in the heating unit using the cartridge sleeve and let the material melt as recommended.

– Do not heat the material for a longer time as it will change the color of the material. 

– Till then pack the removable partial denture in the denture flask and adjust in the injection system, under the shaft press of the flexible injecting unit. Make sure to adjust the flask in such a way that the sprue end is up. 

– After the denture material liquidize, remove the cartridge sleeve from the furnace and place it on top of the denture flask vertically, so that the mouth of the sleeve is facing downwards, into the sprue of the denture flask. 

– Once adjusted, turn the press handle of the denture injection system downwards onto the cartridge sleeve. Continuing turning the press until all the liquidize material flows into the denture flask smoothly.

– Hold the flask under pressure for some time. 

– Allow the liquid material to flow into the denture flask completely, and leave it for some minutes for cooling purpose, so that the denture inside the flask takes the shape of the liquid material. 

– Now retract the press anti-clock, and remove the cartridge sleeve. 

– Before removing the flask, make sure that it is completely cool to handle. 

– After that, deflask the denture and proceed with finishing and polishing. 

Flexible dentures are in great demand due to their property of flexibility. These flexible dentures are hard to break due to the type of material that is being used. 

Technical specifications

Dental denture injection systems are made up of great quality materials under standard technological guidelines. Denture injection systems, at our company, are available with great technical specifications. These excellent quality machines utilize an AC power supply between 100 to 220 volts with a frequency of 50Hz. This can consume power up to 450W of power. The maximum working temperature ranges from 260 to 310 degrees Celsius. The effective working time ranges from 9 to 13 minutes. The design of the denture injection system is made in such a way that it can even fit into small size dental laboratories, as it consumes very little space. The base of the heating unit and the injecting unit is very stable and can be placed on any countertop, table, or even on the ground. Easy to carry and handle, and light enough that it can be move from one place to another without any difficulty. They provide streamlined services for long times at minimal maintenance with an excellent success rate.  

No matter if you are a new dental clinic or dental laboratory, our dental products will be the best fit for your practice. Or even if you want to upgrade your dental laboratory, looking for dental laboratory equipment with the best features is mandatory. 

We at dental laboratory supply, also provide dental materials for flexible acrylic denture material. These acrylic resins are essential in the making of artificial teeth on the dentures using the injection system. These dental resins are of high-quality material and are available in two colors: pink and white. You can choose and select the appropriate color for your dental practice. 

flexible acrylic denture material

Our company aims to develop dental lab products that are of premium and superior quality. We deliver dental laboratory products that provide high performance and with the promise of reliability and durability. We provide simple and fast delivery services to our customers. All our dental lab products are available at reasonable prices. Furthermore, we also provide reasonable warranty services for our laboratory dental products to our national and international customers.   

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