Dental articulators 

dental articulators are mechanical instruments that allow recreating the relationship of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) with the jaws,by mounting the upper and lower impression models on the instrument.

The articulator simulates the patient’s mandibular movements.It provides static and dynamic relationships to observe those malocclusions or dysfunctionalities extraoral. Thanks to this,the dentist can study the guidelines for its treatment unlimitedly without fatigue.

There are different articulator dental type with other characteristics,and not all of them allow the use of the face bow.Depending on the possibilities of movement and functionality offered by the articulators,the following can be differentiated:

  • Hinge articulator: only allow opening and closing movements
dental artex bn articulator specification
  • Semi-adjustable articulator: allows opening, closing, laterality, and protrusion movements with angular measurement.
  • The fully Artex Articulator: Artex is a system recognized worldwide for its precision in the records and transfer of information between the laboratory and the clinic simply and easily. Working with these articulators is a key factor for success.

Fully adjustable dental articulator-artex system

artex cr articulator dental lab supplies

The fully adjustable dental articulator-artex is the most sophisticated instrument in dentistry to reproduce jaw movement. This articulator is capable of reproducing most of the precise condylar movements outlined in an individual patientatory.

  • Condylar inclination.
  • Bennett’s angle or immediate lateral deviation
  • Rotational condyle movement.
  • Intercondylar distance.
  • Condylar trajectory: the mandibular condyle’s direction as it translates forward and down the articular eminence of the temporal bone.

Advantages of the fully adjustable articulator

  • The main advantage of this articulator is its ability to reproduce mandibular movements.
  • When used correctly, restorations can be prepared to match the occlusal needs of the patient exactly.
  • Consequently, the necessary intraoral adjustment is minimal, and an anatomical and stable interocclusal relationship is obtained.
artex dental cr articulator features

The Facebow dental

It is an indispensable complement to the fully adjustable articulators. Allows to record various anatomical landmarks of the patient, and then transfer them to the semi-adjustable articulator, such as:

  • The intercondylar distance.
  • Terminal hinge axis.
  • The position of the upper jaw in relation to the anterior base of the skull, specifically the inclination of the occlusal plane with respect to the Frankfurt plane.
  • The inclination of the occlusion plane.
dental facebow artex

Its main mission is to position the upper model in the articulator, with the same arrangement in the skull and specifically with the temporomandibular joints.

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