What To Look For In A Dental Lab Technician

Dental technology primarily involves the art, technology, and science of crafting and manufacturing dental devices and the proper replacement of faulty natural teeth. The dental lab technician works in collaboration with the dentist to fabricate various dental prostheses for patients.

Typically, the dental lab technician will assist the dentist in selecting the proper case design and appropriate corrective devices or final prosthesis.

What are the Major Roles of a Dental Technician?

· Restores or replaces natural teeth by inserting bridges, fabricating crowns, and designing dental implants.

· Construct dental prostheses used for maxilla-facial reconstruction and dental implantology.

· Designing and polishing dental prostheses before a dentist inserts them in the patient’s mouth.

· Managing dental supply inventories and ensuring that the dental lab equipment is in pristine condition.

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· Read dentist prescriptions, analyze modes and various impressions, and determine the correct dental products required for a specific patient.

· Ensure that the appliances are as per the specifications by using micrometers and special dental articulator in the gauging process.

· Ensuring proper documentation of every dental procedure. Dental technicians should also ensure that their dental practices are compliant with the various industry standards and safety regulations stipulated by the dentist board.

· Regular update any advancement in dental technology and emerging techniques in the industry. They have to keep the dentist updated on emerging and effective dental methods in the industry.

· Adjust the patient’s dental devices and prostheses before they are placed in the patient’s mouth by the dentist. It s their duty to ensure they are of the correct size and have the right color hues.

When selecting a dental lab technician, it is intrinsic to consider the following factors:

Creativity Instincts

An ideal candidate should have a diversified mind in the field of dental medicine. They should adequately operate all modern dental lab equipment and produce precise bridges and fabricated crowns for patients.

Creativity is very integral since patients’ teeth are distinctive, and every patient has personalized requirements. The dental lab technician should craft crowns or bridges customized according to the individual patient’s needs.

Professional Certifications are a Plus

There are multiple voluntary certifications available for dental lab technicians. The certificates demonstrate that the candidate has refined skills an unquestionable understanding of dental medicine. A candidate with such credentials has more diversified skills and will be a better match in your dental clinic.

Most of these certifications are offered by The National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology. Some of the credentials that this board can acquire include:

· Full dentures

· Orthodontics

· Partial dentures

· Crowns and bridges

· Full dentures

· Ceramics

When selecting the right personnel for the job, you can check if they have any relevant Certified Dental Technician(CDT) certificate in any of the above specializations.

  • Attention to Detail

Remember that every patient who visits the dental clinic has their own unique needs; thus, it is essential to scrutinize each patient at an individual level correctly. Creating the correct crowns and bridges requires precision. A slight mistake will lead to improperly fitting crowns that will cause disorientation in the mouth or interfere with the integrity of neighboring teeth.

Dental lab technology is both an art and a science that requires type A work. There is a need to master the art of correct dental aesthetics and a perfect understanding of each patient’s teeth imperfections.

  • Dexterity Skills

A dental lab technician handles dental lab equipment in their line of duty. A good candidate should have dexterity skills to ensure they can handle the vast array of equipment. The skills help in avoiding mistakes when crafting the crowns and dentures. You can gauge the dexterity skills depending on how well the candidate can handle programs, materials, or tools.

  • An Eye for Color

An excellent dental lab technician should have an eye for color. The technician needs to craft prosthetics that will appear as natural as possible in the patient’s teeth. The personnel should comprehensively analyze the hues and tones of the patient’s teeth and determine which color will best suit that patient. There are many colors available in dental medicine, and it is intrinsic to select a unique color hue that will replicate the natural color of every tooth.

Updated with New Technology

The dental medicine field is evolving each day with the rapid introduction of intelligent and modern dental lab equipment. The technology used ten years ago is slowly being eradicated and replaced with better and more sophisticated technology. An excellent dental lab technician should be constantly updated with changes in the dental field and request a relevant and modern dental lab supply.

Due to new methods, innovations, and developments in the dental industry, your ideal candidate should be able to adapt to the trends. Thus a perfect candidate should have comprehensive research skills and strong knowledge of the industry.

Can Work Independently

An excellent dental lab technician should not demand direct oversight or accountability. Such employees can be problematic to add to your busy dental lab. You should focus on employees who can work independently, hold themselves accountable, and manage to hit even strict deadlines. An independent employee allows for the smooth running of the dental lab and will dramatically reduce any disruptions.

Can Work with a Team

The dental technician role involves working in collaboration with other dental lab workers and dentists. A good employee should demonstrate the ability to cooperate with other employees. Having a good-natured attitude with other employees will promote a well-working environment and increase harmony in the dental lab.

The technician must work hand in hand with the dentist, interpret various prescriptions and analyze multiple models and impressions. There is a need to craft crowns or dentures for the patient, depending on the dentist’s specifications.

Key Takeaway

A dental technician should demonstrate attention to detail, color perception, work independently; understand new trends in the industry, dexterity skills, eye for color, among others. Remember that the demand of dental technicians is on the rise due to any people demanding prosthesis that improves their appearance, speech, and nutrition. Hiring the right candidate ensures you client get robust and functional dental crowns or dentures that improve functionality and beauty.

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