What is a fully adjustable articulator?

The dental lab is responsible for the laboratory fabrication steps of all dental appliances and restorations. Various instruments(fully adjustable articulator, Dental dial caliper, dental mandrel, etc) are used by dental technicians for meticulous construction in the dental lab. The perfection and longevity of dental products are critical in dentistry. A perfect dental treatment is not possible without the collaboration of a dental clinic and a dental lab. Dentists and dental assistants are responsible for all clinical dental steps. Similarly, dental lab technicians use their expertise to create perfect and flawless fabrication of different instruments and materials. 

One of the most important steps in the design of all dental restorations and appliances is to keep the model’s jaw relationship as close to your natural teeth and jaw as possible. It necessitates experienced dental lab personnel as well as error-free instrumentation. The dental articulator is one of the essential instruments for the accurate calibration and transfer of the jaw relationship.

What is an articulator?

By technical terminology, an articulator is a device used to replicate jaw movements by mounting the maxillary and mandibular molds. The upper table of the articulator is attached to the upper mold, whereas the lower one is for mandibular models. The articulator used can be adjustable or non-adjustable according to dental requirements. The articulator can reproduce hinge movements as well as some lateral and protrusive movements. The main purpose of the articulator is to replicate the jaw movements, offer an ideal bite relationship, and help with the teeth arrangements on the dental base.

A face bow is a mechanical instrument used to transfer the bite and jaw relationship to the articulator for further calibration. Both steps are essential for the perfect denture fabrication and preparation of various restorations in the dental laboratory. The dental articulator can be classified into three main types:

  1. Fully adjustable articulator
  2.  Semi-adjustable articulator
  3. Non-adjustable articulator.

A fully adjustable articulator

Our jaw can produce movements in various directions. The lateral or side movements and protrusive movements are important for mastication. Likewise, hinges or opening-closing of the jaw are vital for speech and food intake. The replication of all these movements is essential for a better fit and normal functioning of prostheses. A fully adjustable articulator, the Artex Cr Type, can reproduce all-natural movements in dental models. It can be adjusted by the operator without any additional equipment and perfectly imitates the jaw.

The fully adjustable articulator can deal with the complex jaw relationship and provide an accurate jaw orientation in all dimensions. It will eventually help in denture longevity, perfection, and patients’ satisfaction. The articulator can accept the face bow transfer and vertical, horizontal, and orientation jaw relationships The Fully Adjustable Dental Articulator Artex Cr Type by Dental Laboratorio is very useful and simple to use for a dental technician. With the help of a face bow, the dental mold base can be connected to the upper and lower tables. It is extremely accurate and efficient for determining jaw relationships and biting relationships between the upper and lower jaws. The Fully Adjustable Dental Articulator Artex Cr Type is very handy and can easily be operated by a dental technician. The dental mold base can be connected with the upper and lower tables with the help of a face bow. It is highly precise and efficient for taking jaw relationships and biting relations between the upper and lower jaw.

  • Components of a fully adjustable articulator:

Artex Cr Type has various components that perform specific functions in denture fabrication. The components can be adjustable with the dental molds, and bite registration can be taken without error. The main component is:

  1. The table at the top
  2. The table at the bottom
  3.  Incisional pin
  4. Table of Contents
  5.  Condylar guidance.
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These are the main components of the Artex Cr fully adjustable dental articulator. The frame, antitipping rods, tightening screws, spacers, and mounting plate are the other minor components. All of these parts can be adjusted by the operator, and the mold can be connected for jaw relation and occlusal adjustments.

  • How does a fully adjustable articulator work?

The fully Adjustable Dental Articulator Artex Cr has an upper and lower structure. The dental mold is constructed by the patient’s impression. The face bow is attached to the articulator for the transfer of jaw relationships in the dental lab. The upper table was connected to the maxillary mold, while the lower one was connected to the mandibular part. The hinge replicates the TMJ in the jaw. The incisal pin remains in the center of the model and guides the occlusion of the denture. The height of the incisal table and movement of the pin can be controlled by the operator in a fully adjustable articulator.

Advantages of a fully adjustable articulator

  • For treatment and diagnostic purposes.

Most jaw pain is due to a defect in occlusion and needs dental adjustments. Customized splints are used to treat jaw pain and other grinding habits. The fully adjustable Dental Articulator Artex Cr is used for the preparation of night guards, splints, and orthodontic devices for treatment and diagnostic purposes. 

  • For balanced occlusion:

Teeth help in biting, chewing, and speaking. The edentulous patients who don’t have teeth in their mouth need an artificial denture for replacement. Denture stability is not possible without the balanced and perfect occlusion of teeth. The fully adjustable dental articulator, Artex Cr, helps the technician with the tooth adjustment in the neutral zone. The teeth remain under the force of the tongue and cheeks. The error-free occlusion balances the inward and outward forces.

  • Bite registration is as follows:

Bite registration is an important step in prostheses construction. The upper and lower occlusion make up the bite of an individual. In edentulous patients, the bite record is quite difficult and needs reliable instrumentation. The fully adjustable dental articulator, Artex Cr, can produce all jaw movements and offers excellent bite registration for patients.

  • For customized fabrication

Dental appliances can only work their best when they are constructed according to a patient’s needs. Every individual has a different set of teeth and a variation in occlusion. The customized denture can only reproduce jaw movements and enhance their looks. The Artex Cr Fully Adjustable Dental Articulator allows for the customized adjustment of individual patients with no errors or drawbacks.

The selection of a special type of articulator is critical for the dental lab process. Dental Laboratorio articulating and cost-effective device for your lab. www.dentallaboratorio.com offers a diverse range of dental articulators and high-quality dental articulators.

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