dental rubber dam kit

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Dental rubber dam kit for orthodontic;

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Orthdontic rubber dam kit

Dental rubber dam clamps & forceps rubber dam (dental dam) is used mainly in endodontic treatment.Its main function is to isolate the tooth being treated from its environment,in particular from the bacteria in the oral cavity.The rubber dam is held over individual teeth or groups of teeth by appropriate rubber dam clamps.The tooth crown stands out from the rubber dam through individual holes made by Ivory punch.

Dental rubber dam kit permits a clean and dry operative field and enables treatment of the appropriate tooth without contamination from blood or saliva.Rubber dam also protect the patient’s airway from any materials which may fall into it during treatment.Our basic rubber dam kit comprises of all necessary tools,all tools are made of medical grade stainless steel used by professionals


dentist dental rubber dam for sale
1 x Rubber Dam Clamp
1 x Rubber Dam Frame
1 x Rubber Dam Punch Pliers
9 x Rubber Dam Clamps

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions6 × 8 × 4 cm


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