Dental mouth opener and cheek retractor kit

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Dental mouth opener and cheek retractor

A dental mouth opener keeps the mouth open in all dental and surgical procedures without any stress on the jaw joint.

The mouth opener prevents trauma and abrasion to the oral tissues. It’s more reliable in dental procedures.

A dental mouth opener is reusable after sterilization. Dental mouth openers are available in different shapes and sizes.

It comes 18pcs per set.

Dental mouth opener and check retractor



A dental mouth opener fabricated by soft, biocompatible, elastic-plastic materials that are unbreakable.


It’s used for dental surgical procedures like extraction, oral surgeries, and dental examination.

Mouth openers also help in orthodontic visits for oral visibility and diagnosis.

It uses to retract the cheeks and lips during the orthodontic evaluation.

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Dimensions 8 × 4 × 6 cm
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