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Home Teeth Whitening Tray

The home whitening tray offers the easy teeth whitening-at-home in-home bleaching technique.
It fits all dental surfaces, and covers the tooth with the bleaching agent in the tray, provides sufficient time for dental oxidation.
The plastic used for the tray is durable, flexible, hard, and fracture-resistant.
It provides economical and professional dental teeth whitening without additional dental visits. The teeth whitening trays are specific for the upper and lower dental arch.


The material used for the teeth whitening tray is colorless plastic.


It keeps the dental bleaching agent that removes the dental stains and whitens your teeth.
It also removes coffee, tea, and smoking stains from the tooth surfaces.


1PCs/plastic bag;


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Weight2 kg
Dimensions8 × 4 × 6 cm
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Home teeth whitening tray
Home Teeth Whitening Tray