Teeth Whitening LED Lamp

Teeth Whitening LED Lamp prices online;

3 types of lights options:blue, blue + light, red

  • blue light:390~530nm, teeth whitening,
  • 2pcs red light:610~650nm, senstive teeth,
  • 8pcs purple light:disinfect and sterilization.

Whitening time: 1-30 minutes.

Light intensity adjustability: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%.

Dimension: 57*33*30, shipping weight: 10 Kg.

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Teeth whitening LED lamp

LED light helps in the oxidation of bleaching agents and whiten your teeth and improves your smile.

The LED lamp is very easy to use, and the flexible handle can be rotated in any direction according to use.

The LED light is very effective and can be used without any side effects for all dental bleaching procures.

The advantage of teeth whitening LED lamp features:

3 lights options on led whitening unit

  • The lamp consists of three different kinds of LEDs light source, which achieves broad wavelength output. The blue light has a wavelength of 390~530nm, and the red light has a wavelength of 610~650nm.
  • Three light source model: blue light exposure, blue + red light exposure, red light exposure.
  • The light energy output is adjustable to suit the needs of sensitive-teeth patients with option of 20%,40%,60%,80%,100%. This feature makes it possible to activate almost all whitening materials in the market, providing a highly effective whitening treatment.
  • The lamp features a portable stand with a metal positioning arm.
  • The ergonomic full arc head includes a timer display, which allows the patient to know exactly how much whitening time remains. This feature makes it easy to keep track of the treatment progress.
  • The lamp includes a high-performance fan inside, which provides the best cooling effect. This feature ensures that the patient remains comfortable throughout the entire whitening process.

Material :

The Lamp base is made of high-quality plastic.


Teeth whitening LED lamp used for dental office teeth whitening and bleaching.

It helps to react the bleaching agents with the tooth stains and whiten your teeth.

Technical :

– Input power : 100-240V, 50/60Hz
– Working voltage:DC 12V
– Wavelength: Blue light at 420 nm-490 nm, Red light at 610-650nm
– Light resource: 5pcs blue light, 2pcs red light, 8pcs purple lights
– Light Intensity: maximum >2327 mW/cm2
– Adjustable timer: 1-30 minutes

Additional information
Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 215 × 60 × 86 cm
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Teeth Whitening LED Lamp