Conical Drill Kit

The conical drill kit provides precision surgical drills for accurate bone preparation.

This versatile 25-piece kit includes conical drills in 5 diameters (2.2mm to 4.5mm) and 5 lengths (6cm to 13cm) for dental, orthopedic, arthroscopic, periodontal, and reconstructive procedures.

With precise drill sizes for flexibility and efficient osteotomies, this high-quality stainless steel drill set improves surgical results.

The conical drill kit is an essential bone drilling solution for medical professionals.

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Precision Conical Drill Set for Accurate Osteotomies

The Smart Drills Kit in Australia is made to streamline the drilling procedure and reduce chair time. Every drill has a stopper built in to successfully avoid overdrilling, which lowers the risk of sinus or nerve problems during osteotomies. The method does away with the necessity of paying close attention to drill depth marks and pausing frequently to check the osteotomy depth.

You’ll drill error-free, effectively, and precisely to the required depth. A different drill is included in our set for every diameter and length of implant. The multipurpose, colored drills come in various sets. The Smart Drills Kit is exceptionally versatile, affordable, and easy to use with any implant system.· Every product is of exceptional quality; all images depict real goods.

A flexible collection of drills made especially for accurate surgical procedures makes up the Conical Drills Kit. It provides flexibility and adaptability in a range of surgical circumstances thanks to its diverse drill sizes and shapes. Moreover, these drills guarantee precise and effective bone preparation, improving the overall results of surgery.

It provides a versatile selection of drills for accurate surgery. Different drill sizes and forms to provide versatility and adaptation. Bone preparation that is accurate and efficient, improving surgical results.

The Conical Drills Kit can be used in a number of ways, such as:

  • First of all, it makes exact bone preparation possible for dental implant procedures.
  • It also makes osteotomies for orthopedic operations more efficient.
  • Furthermore, it facilitates precise bone tunnel drilling in the course of arthroscopic procedures.
  • In periodontal therapies, it also facilitates the formation of channels for directed tissue regeneration.
  • Finally, it can be used in plastic and reconstructive surgery to shape and sculpt the bone.

The Conical Drills Kit’s adaptability makes it essential for a variety of medical operations.


Parameter Details
Product Name Conical Drill Kit
Description A kit containing conical drills for precise bone preparation in various medical procedures like dental implants, orthopedics, arthroscopy, periodontal surgery etc.
Contents 25 drills total, 5 each of varying lengths and diameters
Lengths 13cm, 11.5cm, 10cm, 8cm, 6cm (5 drills of each length)
Diameters 2.2mm, 2.7mm, 3.2mm, 3.7mm, 4.5mm (5 drills of each diameter)
Key Features – Conical drill design for precision drilling

– Versatile kit for multiple surgical needs

– Varying drill sizes for flexibility

– Accurate and efficient bone preparation

– Improves surgical results

Applications – Dental implant osteotomies

– Orthopedic bone drilling

– Arthroscopic bone tunnel creation

– Periodontal channel formation

– Plastic/reconstructive bone sculpting

Packaging 25 drills per kit


surgical grade stainless steel conical drill bits for dental implants
Conical Drill Kit