Mobile Dental Radiography System

Discover the future of diagnostics with Radiodent Pro mobile dental radiography system – a portable handheld imaging x-ray system offering precision, safety, and convenience for root canal imaging and more in your dental office.

Empowering dental professionals with smart angulation, lightweight mobility, exceptional image quality, extended battery life, and advanced leaded double shielding for unparalleled safety and precision in root canal imaging and beyond.

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Efficient one-handed operation for dental X-ray in clinics

It is a smart mobile dental radiography system designed to redefine convenience and precision in dental imaging. With built-in leaded double shielding for operator safety and a range of user-friendly features, it’s the future of mobile dental radiography.

Its user-friendly interface allows you to select patient age, tooth position (Anteior, molar, root canal, crown and bridge, etc.), and exposure time with ease.

Say goodbye to unintentional exposures with its reliable locking system.

easy operational dental radiography and imaging

Technical info:

Parameter Specification
Product Name Radiodent Pro
Focal Spot 0.4mm
Tube Voltage 65kV
Tube Current 2.5mA
Weight 1.8 kg
Battery Capacity 2500mAh
Exposure Time Range 0.02-2 seconds
Minimum Source to Skin Distance >20cm (from focal spot to cone tip)
Line Voltage 100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz

Key Features

  1. Smart Angulation System: Achieve optimal imaging angles effortlessly, ensuring precise diagnostics with every shot.
  2. One-Handed Operation: With its compact size and lightweight design, the Radiodent Pro can be operated with just one hand, providing unparalleled maneuverability.
  3. Long-Lasting Battery: The system’s powerful 2500mAh battery allows you to take up to 500 X-ray shots on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted workflow throughout your day.
  4. Exceptional Image Quality: Featuring a 0.4mm focal spot, the Radiodent Pro delivers high-quality images that capture the finest details, aiding accurate diagnoses.
  5. Leaded Double Shielding: Our internal leaded double shield provides maximum protection, ensuring operator safety by minimizing radiation exposure.
  6. Low Patient Dosage: Prioritizing patient well-being, this system delivers X-rays with minimal dosage, enhancing overall safety.
Mobile dental radiography system with leaded double shielding
Mobile Dental Radiography System