Bone Expander Kit

Experience safe and effective ridge expansion for dental implants with our bone expander kit.

This complete set contains drill bits, osteotomes, saw disks, and screws to gently widen ridges and sinus cavities.

Allow your patients a minimally invasive preparation for dental implants.

Our bone expanders are designed by oral surgeons for simplicity and precision.

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Maxillofacial Bone Expander Instruments Kit for Dental Implantation

Use a pilot drill to drill a pilot hole. Using your preferred bone expander drill, enlarge the hole. The Low Speed Handpiece or the Ratchet Wrench (recommended) can be used. 15-20 RPM is the suggested speed .To regulate the opening, use the saw.

Although bone resorption from increased muscle activity or weight can cause a bone’s thickness or width to expand throughout life, bone growth in length ceases in early adulthood. We refer to this increase in diameter as appositional growth.

Ridge expansion is the surgical process of employing chisels and/or osteotomes to broaden the residual ridge laterally, or buccolingually. In order to provide sufficient space for the patient to receive a bone transplant or dental implant, this expansion procedure is carried out.

A material such as collagen, polylactic and polyglycolic acids, tricalcium phosphate, or hydroxyapatite is used as bone grafting material to repair, replace, or restore periodontal or skeletal abnormalities in the oral and maxillofacial region.

Without removing any bone from the implant site, ridge splitting with bone expansion is a method of manipulating bone to produce receptor sites for implants.

In order to put implants during sinus lift, the bone expander kit is utilized. It comes with saw disks, ratchet wrench, pilot drill, and expander screws.


Component Options
Bone Expender 2.6mm, 3.0mm, 3.4mm, 3.8mm (4 pcs total)
Saw Disc 7.0mm, 10mm (2 pcs total)
Latch Adaptor 1 pc
Pilot 1 pc
Manual Knop 1 pc
Extender 1 pc
Wrench 4.0mm (1 pc)
maxillofacial bone expander instruments for dental implantation
Bone Expander Kit