Implant Tissue Puch Kit

Minimally invasive dental implant surgery.

Preserve interdental papilla with our flapless implant tissue punch kits.

Implant tissue puch kit 4pcs per set.

Expertly designed punches allow precise, controlled access to underlying bone.

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Minimally Invasive Dental Implant Placement with Tissue Punch

A straightforward method is offered in which a tissue punch is used to insert the implants without lifting a full-thickness flap. The interdental papilla’s integrity is never compromised, and the subperiosteal soft tissue flap is never elevated.

The preferred tissue punch for dentists (3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.0 mm). Using a tissue punch is a quick and uncomplicated method of getting to the underlying bone in order to insert dental implants. When there is excellent ridge width and little need for bone, such as in the mandibular  posterior, it is typically employed. superb gingiva with keratinization.

Comparing the soft tissue punch approach to traditional implant placement surgical procedures, the former results in less trauma and injury to the patient. Because fewer incision.


Parameter Description
Product Implant Tissue Punch Kit
Components Tissue punches (sizes: 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm), packing 4pcs/set
Diameters 3.2mm, 4.2mm, 5.2mm, 6.0mm
Use To insert dental implants without lifting a full thickness flap, minimizing trauma
Advantages Less invasive than traditional implant surgery, preserves interdental papilla
minimally invasive dental implant placement with tissue punch
Implant Tissue Puch Kit