Dental Implant Trephine Drill

Dental trephine drills and burs are essential surgical tools for removing defective implants, explant procedures, and harvesting bone cores for grafting.

We offer dental implant trephine drill kits with multiple diameters from 3mm to 10mm for bone augmentation and explant surgery.

Our dental implant trephine system includes low-speed surgical drills with irrigation for safe bone removal.

Packing: 10pcs per block box.

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Surgical Trephine Drills Kit

A ‘trephine’ is a surgical tool used to cut out circular portions, such as those of corneal tissue or bone, that is either round or cylindrical in shape.

Implants in the South Trephine drills are designed to be utilized in bone augmentation procedures to harvest cores of bone or to remove a cylindrical core of bone surrounding an implant if the device is to be explanted.

Trephine drills can be used to remove bone surrounding defective implants that include an external hex connection, internal conical connection, or tri-channel connection. The purpose of the Trephine Drills is to remove implants by drilling bone outside of them.

Dental trephine burs facilitate the transplantation of bone cylinders ranging in diameter from 3.0 to 8.0 mm. During an apicoectomy, the smaller diameter instruments are better suited for prepping a bone lid. Trephine burs are used in bone grafting surgeries to extract bone in a circular fashion.

Drilling should begin at a low pace (60–100 rpm) and abundant irrigation. The optional straight Multi-unit abutment can be removed and the speed can be raised (1200–1500 rpm) once the Trephine Drill grasps the bone.

Caution: Avoid applying too much pressure as it may cause breaking.

Using low speed drilling (50–80 rpm) and little pressure while running saline cooling, the trephine drill is sunk into the bone over the implant. Drilling a hole requires careful attention to detail, as the drill’s outer rings are used to regulate the trephine’s sinking depth.

Trephine Blades are available in 8 diameter sizes, ranging from 3.0 mm to 10.0 mm, which is useful for scleral tissue cutting in order to prepare donor corneas.


PurposeRemove bone surrounding defective implants or harvest bone cores for grafting
Shapes Cylindrical
Diameters3.0mm – 10.0mm, most common: 6.0mm – 8.0mm
SpeedLow speed (50-100 rpm) to start, can increase up to 1500 rpm once engaged
IrrigationAbundant saline irrigation is critical
Depth ControlOuter rings on drill used to control sinking depth
CautionsAvoid excessive pressure to prevent breaking drill or bone
Pack SizesTypically sold in packs of 10 with drill block
Dental implant trephine kits with multiple diameter drills for bone augmentation
Dental Implant Trephine Drill