Precise Control vs Raw Power: 4:1 vs 1:5 Contra Angles

Contra angle handpieces are essential tools in dental treatment, allowing dentists to access hard to reach areas in the mouth. The angled neck and head provide visibility and maneuverability that a straight handpiece cannot. Recent advancements have led to the development of both reducing speed and increasing speed contra angles, each with their own advantages.

New Arrival of Designs: Choosing Between 4:1 and 1:5 Contra Angles

4:1 60° reciprocating endodontic handpiece

Reducing speed contra angles like the new 4:1 model provide greater torque and control than a standard handpiece. The gearing reduces the drive speed from the dental unit motor, resulting in up to 10,000 RPM rotation speeds. This allows dentists to carefully prepare teeth and perform root canals. The lower RPM prevents damage to the tooth and overheating.

The 4:1 contra angle accepts a variety of dental burs and files. It has a quick change push button chuck to easily switch between burs and files. The handpiece offers both 60° and vertical reciprocating motion for engine and handuse endodontic files. This gives flexibility when cleaning and shaping the root canal. Fiber optic illumination and an internal water line provide excellent visibility of the operating field. A stainless steel body withstands repeated sterilization cycles. At just 64dB, it operates quieter than older air driven turbines.

endodontic handpieces head options
handpiece attachment head for RA burs and polishers
detachable handpiece attachment for FG burs

Increasing speed contra angles like the new 1:5 model provide ultra high RPMs exceeding 200,000. This extra speed and power efficiently cuts through enamel, dentin, and bone. The high torque is ideal for surgical extraction of impacted wisdom teeth and other oral surgery procedures. Like the 4:1, it accepts standard FG burs with a push button chuck. Fiber optics and internal water spray cool the bur and rinse away debris.

45° contra-angle handpiece, electric motor driven increasing speed 1:5
45° contra-angle handpiece, electric motor driven increasing speed 1:5

While the 4:1 reduces speed for control, the 1:5 increases speed for power. This table compares the key specifications of both models:

Feature4:1 Reducing Speed1:5 Increasing Speed
Drive Speed Ratio4:11:5
Max RPM10,000 RPM200,000 RPM
Noise Level<64dB<65dB
Burs UsedContra-angleFG Standard
Chuck TypePush ButtonPush Button
Light SourceFiber OpticFiber Optic
Sterilization Temperature135°C135°C
Bur/File MotionOptions: 360° rotary, vertical or
60° reciprocation
360° rotary
Water Spray1 hole3 holes
Body MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Connector TypeE-typeE-type

Premium Dental Motor

Advanced Brushless Dental Motor System with LCD Touch Control

The programmable dental motor allows each dentist to customize performance through adjustable gear ratios, variable speed ranges, and forward/reverse rotation. Reduction gearing down to 128:1 provides additional torque for endodontic procedures. Speed can be increased up to 1:5 ratio for high rpm cutting and grinding. Bidirectional operation further expands versatility for oral surgery and implant placement techniques requiring reverse rotation.

In summary, contra angle handpieces are versatile tools that allow dentists to access and treat all areas of the mouth. Reducing speed models provide precise control while increasing speed models provide raw power. The 4:1 and 1:5 contra angles complement each other, giving dentists the best of both worlds. With continued research and development, we can expect contra angle technology and performance to keep improving.