What is done in a dental lab?

Everyone says that a bright smile will make your day perfect. But not all people are blessed with the perfect alignment of teeth. If your teeth are stopping your perfect day, then don’t miss this article. This is to the people who don’t have an idea of how the dental laboratory works and what is done in a dental lab?

When you say the dental lab, all you think is aligning the improper teeth. But apart from this, the dental lab has improved in many ways. Starting from the technologies to the products, the dental lab has undergone a major change.

If you still didn’t get the importance of a dental lab, then just know that without a dental lab, most people can’t get a beautiful and confident smile.

Let’s discuss the kind of things that can be done in a dental lab and the importance of a dental lab in the dentist industry.

Know about the dental lab:

dental laboratory technician work on prosthesis

A dental lab works on the principle of art and science and now the technology has been improved in the dental industry as dental labs started to design and manufacturing things to replace the teeth on your own. But for that, you need the right devices and the one place that offers all kinds of dental needs is Dental Laboratorio.

The dental lab is also known as the restorative industry, do you know why? Because the dental lab needs to copy features and parameters referred by the dentist and convert them into the restorative solution. The dental lab is the only place where all kinds of the restorative process will be taken place such as patient consultation, diagnosis, and making the plan for final restoration placement.

Now, the dental lab has been improved a lot, as a few years back the communication between the dentist and technician in the lab seemed to be very important. But in recent times, we found devices for everything making the dental industry more effective.

  • The technology used in the dental lab:


Most dental labs started to use x-rays to work with the images of the tooth. The x-ray is used to take the inside image of the tooth and even it will give different views of the tooth.


This is one of the technologies used by modern labs and it is used to create 3D models.

dental milling machine

3-D printing/milling:

Not every lab will have 3D printing, but if you are looking for the fastest and accurate way of producing dental implants then use 3D printing. Using this, you can take dental prints from different materials.

Interesting facts of the dental lab:

  • The primary role of the dental lab is to create a restoration to the patient. Even we can say that the restorative is an art, as it will be unique to the patient
  • As science is growing rapidly in recent times, the dental lab is producing a lot of products related to tooth anatomy. The dental lab should use different materials starting from alloys to high-tech materials
  • In today’s times, technology is ruling the dentist industry so many of the industries started using CAD/CAM technologies. This is one of the biggest advancements in the dental laboratory

Product used in the dental lab the most:

There are lots of companies that are selling dental products, but only a few companies will sell different types of dental products from different categories in the same place. In that list, we have Dental Laboratorio, a professional dental store that supplies all kinds of dental products online store.

You know what the best part about Dental Laboratorio is; they offer dental products that come with higher durability, flexibility, and also offer user-friendly products. Here are the best selling products which have been chosen from the Dental Laboratorio;

  1. Dental Acrylic Laboratory Burs

Do you know what burs do in the dental industry? The burs play a prominent role as they will help in cutting the hard tissues such as bone or tooth. In Dental Laboratario, you can get the dental acrylic laboratory burs as it is mainly used for coarse abrasion on gold or any kind of precious metals. It will help to get a smooth surface on the acrylic.

It is widely used in the dental lab as it will reduce the work of dental technicians by giving a shape to the fissures on a variety of materials. Yes, you can use it on different materials, for example, alloys, composites, or ceramic materials. Using the burs, the output will be perfect and the service period of the product will belong.  

acrylic dental lab burs

Have you ever come across such a dental product? If not, then get to know about this product as it is widely used in the dental lab for polishing and cleaning. The best part is the Dental Laboratorio offers a handy design, so it will offer grip, and also the dental technicians will feel comfortable holding.

Even during sterilization, the handpiece will tolerate a higher temperature. It can be used for different dental procedures, and it works on the air pressure, so offers low-speed. In the case of polishing, you can use this handpiece at high speed with the use of spray needles. It is mostly made of stainless steel, so it will offer high corrosion-resistant.

Dental Air prophy unit for sale

Dental zirconia is the widely used material in the dental field, and it is mainly used to make crowns, bridges, implants, any kind of dental product. You can get the high-quality zirconia blocks at Dental Laboratorio that offers high translucency and bending strength.

Along with this, it will offer other benefits which are needed by the dental labs such as aging resistance, strength, and even it matches the color of our teeth.

multi layer dental zirconia blocks for sale online
Dental Zirconia Blank

I hope, this blog will help you to understand what is going inside the dental lab. If you are planning to start one, then I would recommend Dental Laboratorio to get all kinds of your dental needs in a single place.

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