Dental Acrylic Laboratory Burs

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Acrylic dental laboratory carbide burs;

HP Shank;

5pcs minimum quantity;

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Dental acrylic laboratory burs


1. Used for dental laboratory workpiece coarse abrasion on gold and other precious metals, leaving a smooth surface on acrylics.

This reduces rework.

2. Shaping fissure on a variety of dental laboratory materials. It is used on cobalt chrome dental alloy, composite veneers or ceramics prior to final firing, they always display convincing cutting proper and an impressively long service life.


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Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions6 × 4 × 2 cm
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5 reviews for Dental Acrylic Laboratory Burs

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    Best product n worth for money😊

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    It was great ordering from Dental Laboratorio. There is vast selection of materials and equipment available and the best thing was rate of the products were lower than local dealer. Over all nice experience.

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    Genuine product…fastest delivery than other dental shopping website…Happy with the service…ordering 3rd time in 3 months..Price is less compartively!👍

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acrylic dental lab burs
Dental Acrylic Laboratory Burs