HP dental silicon rubber burs

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Silicon rubber dental laboratory burs;

HP shank

50pcs minimum quantity;

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laboratory dental silicon rubber burs

The HP silicon rubber dental lab burs is application dental laboratory of polishing plaster,porcelain,ceramic,denture,metal alloy etc.

HP shank,diameter is 2.35mm that can be fitted the micro motor dental lab handpiece.There are several different colors available for professional dental lab polishing restoration.


darksuper coarsereduce tough materials Chrome-cobalt, stainless steel and non-precious alloys
 browncoarsehard and long-lasting polishers for non-precious metals, alloy and model casting.
greenmediumsmooth non-precious metals alloys and grind precious metal casting
blackcoarsehard and long-lasting polishers for gold, precious metals
brownmediumsmooth gold and precious metals, alloys
light greenfinelong-lasting polishers for matte finish on metals

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Dimensions6 × 4 × 6 cm

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