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dental implant crown procedure

People take food as their daily need, and teeth are an important tool for us to taste food. Once the tooth is missing, we don’t know how to eat, we lose weight, and we lose a lot of joy in life.

Therefore, if the tooth is lost, repair it in time. Dental implants are one of the ways to repair tooth defects.

implanted teeth? Could it be the seeds that planted teeth and waited for harvest? Do we really understand dental implants?

1,What is dental implant?

Dental implant is the use of surgical operations to implant implants made of artificial materials (great 5 dental titanium block operated by dental lab cad cam milling technology as dental implant titanium) into the alveolar bone, so that the implant and the alveolar bone form a firm osseous bond. Connect the implant and the crown by way of fixation. Therefore, dental implants are similar to “transplanting flowers and trees”, rather than “spreading seeds” and waiting for it to grow.

After implantation, the patient can use it well and can perform the chewing function like normal human teeth. It is currently the most advanced method of treating tooth loss in the world.

Speaking of dental implants, its history can be traced back to BC, and there are written records of dental decoration as early as the ancient Egyptian period.

In 1931, a fossil of a human skull dating from 600 BC was discovered in Honduras, Central America. The mandibular incisor of this skull was inserted with a shell-like object. Therefore, it can prove the existence of ancient dental implant technology.

In the Middle Ages, people mainly obtained dental implant materials from animals and humans. In the 16th century, it was popular in Europe to pull out the teeth of servants and soldiers and implant them in the mouths of nobles and officers, but the effect was not good, and they might even be infected with diseases. The patient died and was given up.

The development of modern dental implants is inseparable from Professor Branemark of Sweden. Professor Branemark is a physiologist. When he was studying animal experiments on microcirculation in the bone marrow cavity, he found that a sleeve made of metal titanium is firmly bonded to the rabbit tibia. Based on the research, the concept of osseointegration was proposed. He first used titanium implants to implant human jaws in 1965 and completed the implants.

In 1982, oral surgery and prosthodontics experts from major dental schools in North America held an academic conference on “Osseointegration in Clinical Dentistry” in Toronto. They strictly reviewed basic research and data on osseointegration and gave them full affirmation. A new stage of dental implant comes.

With the continuous development of dental implant technology, people’s requirements for the quality of life are gradually increasing. As the first choice for restoration of dental defects, artificial dental implants are becoming more and more popular, making the application of implants in dentistry increasingly widespread.

2,How are the teeth grown?

Perform preoperative inspections.
First, an oral examination is required to observe the patient’s oral condition, tooth loss status, and determine how to choose implants.
Secondly, perform blood tests, blood clotting time and other blood tests to avoid infectious diseases and carry out infection screening.
Finally, imaging X-ray examination is required to choose a good treatment.

According to the design of the implant plan, the dental implant operation is performed. Place an implant on the alveolar bone and suture the wound. After 1 to 2 weeks, the suture can be removed. Wait for the implant to be combined with the alveolar bone (about 3 months), and set the healing abutment.

Place the crown to complete the implant process.

dental implant crown procedure

3,What dental implant material is it made of?

Dental implants are mainly divided into three parts: implant, abutment and crown.

The crown of the dental implant is the tooth that we are implanted. It has the following three materials:

Metal crown: The cost of metal crown is lower, but the color is different from natural teeth, and it has a certain impact on MRI. If you have high aesthetic requirements and are allergic to metals, use it with caution.

Porcelain crown: Porcelain crown is made of metal to make the inner layer of the crown, and then uses a special porcelain material to condense on the metal surface through high temperature. With high hardness, it will damage the natural teeth, prone to porcelain collapse after long-term use, but it looks good.

All-ceramic crowns: All-ceramic dental crown types zirconia do not contain metal and have almost the same appearance as natural teeth. They are more beautiful and natural, and will not cause discoloration of the gums. It will not affect the MRI examination, but the manufacturing process is complicated and the cost is high,as it needs the dental lab cad cam procedure and quality dental zirconia block product.

We should follow the doctor’s advice and our own situation to choose the right implant.

4,Is it true that dental implants are not as good as dentures?

Some people say that implants are worse than dentures. Is it true? Compared with traditional dentures, what are the advantages of dental implants?

Compared with traditional dentures, dental implants have advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of dental implants:

The chewing efficiency of dental implants is higher than that of traditional dentures, which can restore oral function to the greatest extent.

There is no need to wear healthy adjacent teeth, it can be as beautiful and natural as real teeth, without the snap ring of movable dentures, it does not affect the pronunciation, and there is no dull taste and uncomfortable feeling.

The restoration time is long, as long as there is good osseointegration, it can be used for a long time.

It can maintain the protrusion and fullness of the alveolar for a long time, and prevent the alveolar atrophy caused by missing teeth.

Disadvantages of dental implants:

The cost is higher, so the expense is higher.

It is performed through minor surgery and some patients cannot tolerate it.

The treatment cycle is long and requires regular maintenance.

5,How long can dental implants last?

Many people are very concerned about the service life of dental implants. If such an expensive dental implant breaks out quickly or needs frequent replacement, it is not so ideal.

In fact, dental implant technology is already very mature, such as standard operation, good postoperative maintenance, and can be used for permanent use just like real teeth.

The first dental implant in the world has been used for 41 years, and the patient is a Swedish named Gosta Larsson. He lost all his teeth because of a congenital problem with jaw development. In 1965, he resolutely decided to serve as a volunteer for Professor Branemark of Sweden, and received pure titanium implant roots into his jaws. He became the first patient in the world to have dental implants. Until his death in 2006, the implants were still intact. Keep it in the mouth and still be able to use it normally.

6,How can we protect dental implants?

After dental implants, we can maintain it at home. For example, we must carefully brush our teeth after three meals, pay attention to oral hygiene, learn to use dental floss correctly, and prevent food residues in the teeth.

If necessary, a dental flusher can be used to flush out the food residue in the implant by using a certain water pressure of the dental flusher to prevent inflammation of the implant.

You should quit smoking and drinking after dental implants, because smoking can cause periodontitis, increase the burden on the teeth, and increase the risk of dental implant problems.

Don’t eat too hard food in daily life, such as beef and hard nuts, because the strength is greater when biting, which will damage the implant.

Go to the hospital for follow-up visits every six months to a year to observe oral inflammation. Because the implant is not worn out, when the implant becomes taller, the height of the implant needs to be lowered before it can be used normally.

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