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Zirkon zahn dental lab milling system is favoured by laboratories

Digital oral cavity is an oral diagnosis and treatment platform integrating precision,intelligence, and cloud.It is a new model of smart dentistry care. here are many advantages brought by digital technology: better treatment planning, rich treatment content, efficient doctor-patient communication, predictability of treatment effect, reduction of overall treatment time, and reduction of doctor’s chair work time, etc.The zirkon zahn dental cad cam milling system is much favoured by many dental laboratories milling center.

The current popular digital dental clinic work mode is: the clinic or doctor’s workstation obtains the patient’s image data in real time,and then starts the treatment plan design.The dental laboratory technician can obtain the patient’s intraoral scan data collected by the physician in real time, carry out the dental lab CAD design of the denture, and pass the scene at any time Or communicate with physicians and patients through the network,and control the completion of the restoration of the desktop processing equipment in the clinic.The integrated and convenient process greatly improves the diagnosis and treatment efficiency and shortens the diagnosis and treatment cycle.

The future “digital integration” of the oral cavity should be the entire treatment process, including diagnostic evaluation,treatment plan design,guide or virtual treatment,and restoration production. Dentistry CAD/CAM technology runs through every link.The recently popular “dental in a day” is a humanized treatment project that uses digital technology to enable patients to have more dignity, make treatment more comfortable, and have a more perfect curative effect. It is a zirkon zahn dental lab supplies product of common progress in technology, materials, equipment, and ideas.

CAD CAM Zirkon zahn dental lab supplies online

A high efficency of dental online shopping store provide quality of zahn dental lab milling supplies

The Zirkonzahn dental cad cam milling system is a popular digital machine in the cad/cam dentistry market.At dentallaboratorio,the zahn dental lab supplies consumable are available online shopping,the dental laboratory technician can do online shopping dental lab supplies product and get the delivery of notice by email.

The zirkon zahn dental lab supplies online product as followings:

Click each picture for the zahn dental lab supplies specification.

The diamond coated dental milling burs,3mm and 6mm shank are available,the cutting ability reaches to 600 unit workpiece per zirkonzahn dental burs.

3mm Zirkon Zahn dental zirconia burs
6mm shank zirkonzahn dental lab milling supplies

The new launched Acetal dental pmma blocks and mulitlayer dental pmma for zirkonzahn;

multi layer zirkonzahn dental pmma disc
Multi layer dental pmma blocks

The zirkonzahn dental milling burs for lithium disilicate;

Super high translucent zirkonzahn dental zirconia blocks(1100Mpa,43% translucency);

super translucent dental zirkonzahn zirconia blocks

anterior dental zirconia veneers for zirkonzahn dental milling system;

zirkonzahn dental veneers zirconia blocks

3D multi layer dental zirconia disc for zirkon zahn;

3D dental zirconia cad cam material feature

zirkonzahn cad cam dental wax blocks;

zirkonzahn dental wax blue

Zirkonzahn peek dental block;

zirkonzahn peek dental blocks yellow

Grade 5 dental titanium blocks for zirkonzahn milling system;

zirkonzahn dental titanium block

All of these zirkon zahn dental lab supplies will be processed within 1-3 days,then deliver to the airport for final delivery to clients address.

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