Pindex System in Dentistry for Model Production

Pindex System in Dentistry

Fabrication or dental prosthesis and appliances required the exact replication of landmarks. It’s a vital step in customized prosthesis development. A dental die is constructed by the dental lab technician which is similar to the natural teeth shapes and alignment of the patient. The accuracy of prothesis and success of treatment depended on the die formation. Pindex system dental in dentistry helps to construct the removable dies with high accuracy and with all surface details.

pindex dental giroform model sytstem

A pindex dental machine uses to drill the small holes in the surface of pindex plates. These plates act as the die base that provides support and stability along with a working base. The multiple types of pindex plates used with the different model systems the most used method is the Giroform model system and Zeiser model system.

The Giroform and Zeiser model system

pindex dental zeiser model system plate kit
amann girrbach giroform model system pindex dental plates kit

In the Giroform model, the system is compatible with the Amann girrbach pindex plates. The plates placed on the impression and pindex machine use a special drilling mechanism to drill small holes in the surface of the plate. After the formation of the hole, special pins are inserted and the die is constructed that has a removable attachment with the pins and plate.

Dental dowel pins

In dentistry, many variants of dental pins are used. Dental dowel pins connect the two surfaces that can easily separate and again they can attach without any deformation. In the pindex system, the dowel pins can be used on both Amann girrbach and Zeiser pindex dental plates. The material of pins is usually high-quality metal and size and length changes according to the required dental plate and die.

pindex dental dowel pins
Pindex dental production

Pindex dental die gives the removable dies that can provide the ease of prosthesis fabrication, excellent stability and the ultimate better fitting or long-lasting positive effects on patient treatment. The dentist takes the initial dental impression in the clinic for the devices and other dental prosthesis construction. Now the dental lab technician utilizes its expertise with the new technology of the pindex system and constructed a die on which the whole fabrication procedure can perform. The new pindex dental machine is easy to use without any associated side effects. You can get precise, without distortion drill holes and dental dowel pins places between the die material and dental pindex plates. The lab assistant can also section the die and again place it in the same position as the plate according to needs. The final prosthesis form by the dental lab was again delivered to the dentist for further clinical steps.

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