Several factors affecting the service life of porcelain teeth

Porcelain teeth are a very common method of tooth restoration. They are widely used. Of course, the price of making porcelain teeth is not cheap. Therefore,a high-quality porcelain tooth is selected to extend its service life and improve cost performance.

The life of porcelain teeth is often affected by internal and external factors. Once affected by these factors,the life will be greatly reduced.What are the factors that affect the life of porcelain teeth?

   1. Quality and design of porcelain teeth.

   Good restoration, first of all, its design must be very reasonable.If the design of porcelain teeth is unreasonable,there may be phenomena such as broken dentures or loose real teeth due to excessive force.The ceramics on the outside of the porcelain teeth can not only avoid its own shortcomings while providing a good aesthetic effect,that is,the problem of relatively brittle porcelain.Therefore,improperly designed and manufactured crowns are very likely to cause cracks and cracks in the ceramic when the bite pressure is greater,or even the ceramic is peeled off from the metal surface.

   2. The biological stability of the materials used.

biological porcelain teeth

  The metal inner layer structure of metal porcelain teeth can not only provide reliable strength,but also closely contact with the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity,its performance directly affects the physical health of the oral cavity. Biological stability is good, and the metal inner layer structure of the precision porcelain teeth can be “peacefully coexisted” with the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity without affecting the oral environment.On the contrary,if the biological stability is not good or the cobalt-chrome alloy in dentistry material is poor,it will cause adverse stimulation to the surrounding tissues,which is prone to corrosion,unstable metal ion penetration,tissue allergies, etc.,resulting in gingivitis and periodontitis, black line of gingival margin, etc.

   3. Edge sealing of porcelain teeth

good sealing edge porcelian teeth

   Porcelain teeth are fixed on the polished affected teeth with adhesive, and the gap between the porcelain teeth and the real teeth is sealed by the cement material.Therefore,the closer the crown and teeth are,the smaller the gap between the two is, and the more beneficial it is to preserve natural teeth.Otherwise,the larger the gap between the two,or the quality of the cement is not high,it will cause bacteria to enter the gap and cause corrosion to the natural teeth,thus affecting the service life of porcelain teeth.If the crown is not close to the teeth,it may even cause dental caries and other adverse reactions,so it is necessary to choose porcelain teeth produced by manufacturers with guaranteed quality.

   4. Patients usage with porcelain teeth.

correct usage of porcelain teeth on patient

   No matter how good the restoration is, improving its service life must not neglect its maintenance, even if it is real teeth,we also know to avoid biting hard objects and pay attention to oral hygiene.If you do not pay attention to this,your real teeth will be damaged,let alone porcelain teeth? So the service life of porcelain teeth is largely related to the user’s usage habits.

How should I extend the life of porcelain teeth? Here is a simple and effective suggestion: before deciding to make porcelain teeth,choose a regular dental hospital or clinic.Under the introduction of a stomatologist, choose a good dental alloy material or full ceramic dental zirconia material ,but also to do the daily maintenance work of porcelain teeth,only in this way,can effectively extend the life of porcelain teeth.

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