Seven advantages of zirconium dental restoration

The advantages of zirconium dental restoration for cosmetic

1. Zirconium teeth are a kind of minerals that exist in oblique zircon in nature. The medical zirconia has been cleaned and processed, with a small number of alpha rays remaining in the zirconium. Its penetration depth is very small, only 60 microns.

dental zirconia teeth benefit

2. Zirconium ceramic teeth have high density and strength.

(1) The intensity is 1.5 times higher than that of the second generation of EMPRESS.

(2) The strength is more than 60% higher than INCERAM zirconia.

(3) Unique resistance to cracking and strong curing performance after cracking.

(4) Porcelain bridges with more than 6 units can be made, which solves the problem that all all-ceramic systems cannot belong to bridges.

high strength dental zirconia teeth

3. Zirconium porcelain teeth, the natural sense of tooth colour and the indistinct crown edge are also the benefits of using zirconium dioxide all-ceramic restoration. Especially for patients with high aesthetic requirements, they pay more attention to the advantage of natural colour, because this makes the restoration and the healthy teeth seamless, it is difficult to distinguish.

asethetic zirconia teeth

4. Did you know? If the denture in your mouth is a metal-containing porcelain crown, you will be affected or even removed when you need to do an ahead x-ray, CT, and MRI. The non-metallic zirconium dioxide does not block the x-ray. As long as the zirconium dioxide ceramic tooth is inserted, it is not necessary to remove the denture in the future when the skull x-ray, CT, and MRI are required, which saves a lot of trouble.

5. Zirconium teeth are an excellent high-tech biological material. It has good biocompatibility and is superior to various metal alloys, including gold. Zirconium has no irritation or allergic reaction to the gums. It is very suitable for application to the oral cavity and avoids allergic, irritation, corrosion and other adverse reactions caused by metals in the oral cavity.

6. The strength advantage of zirconium tooth material compared with other all-ceramic restoration materials allows doctors to reach extremely high strength without excessively grinding the patient’s real teeth.

7. Zirconia teeth are of very high quality. It is said that its high quality is not only because of its materials and expensive equipment, but also because it uses the most advanced computer-aided design, laser scanning, and grinding by computer programs. It’s perfect.

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