Piezo Dental Scaler

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Dentist piezo dental scaler unit kit for sale online;

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Piezo Dental Scaler

Dental Piezo ultrasonic scaler unit adopts a sine wave driving circuit. The piezo dental scaler product has the functions of tooth scaling, periodontal treatment, root canal swaying, and automatic water supply, with the following features:

● The liquid inside the product is made of anti-bacteria materials, and the liquid used in the clinic, such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, sodium hypochlorite, can be transported by an automatic water supply system, which can significantly improve the performance of periodontal treatment and root canal swabbing;
● The handpiece can be disinfected at 135 ℃ high temperature and 0.22mpa high pressure;
● The piezo dental scaler has a built-in computer micro-processing chip, which can intelligently control the power of tooth cleaning and make tooth cleaning more comfortable;
● The wireless footswitch is used to remote control the host, which makes the operation more convenient. At the same time, the wired footswitch can be selected according to the user’s needs;
● High brightness LED lighting improves clinical operation efficiency, and an ordinary plug-in handle can also be used with high compatibility.

Product feature

product of piezo dental scaler feature


220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz
35 VA
Wireless footswitch battery:
5# battery × 2
Receiving sensitivity:
-114 dB
Receiving frequency:
Main vibration deviation of tip:
Min 1 μm (deviation – 50%), Max 100 μm (deviation + 50%)
Half offset force:
Min 1 N (deviation – 50%), Max 2 N (deviation + 50%)
Tip vibration frequency:
18 kHz ~ 45 kHz
Tip output power:
3 W ~ 20 W
T1AL 250V
Host machine weight:
Operation mode:
Continuous operation
Wireless footswitch transmission frequency:
Wireless footswitch modulation type:
Wireless footswitch effective radiation power:
Additional information
Weight10.5 kg
Dimensions48 × 37 × 20 cm
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