Piezo Dental Scaler

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The All Round Ultrasonic Scaler is a high-quality dental scaling device that effectively removes calculus and plaque buildup.

This advanced piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler oscillates at 25-42 kHz to gently clean teeth.

With intelligent touch controls, auto-frequency tracking, and a detachable, autoclavable LED handpiece, this scaler simplifies dental hygiene.

The All Round Ultrasonic Scaler improves visibility and reduces cross-infection risks.

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High frequency Ultrasonic Scaler for Dental Hygienists

The tooth surface can be quickly cleared of calculus with ultrasonic scalers. The scaling tip vibrates between 18 and 32 kHz, which is its ideal frequency range. It vibrates in the ultrasonic range of 20 to 45 kHz, or 20,000 to 45,000 times per second. Ultrasonic scalers come in two varieties: piezoelectric and magnetostrictive. The hand piece’s crystals alter size as a result of energy flowing through them.

We are pleased to offer you two options to help you perform at your best: Eighteeth’s handpieces (EMS and Satellac types) work with both UltraMint and UltraMint Pro. You may not believe how convenient scaling can be.


Power SupplyAC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption≤80VA
Water Pressure0.1-0.4MPa
Frequency Range25kHz-42kHz
Power Output≤5W
Handpiece DrivePiezoelectric Ceramic
Foot Pedal Travel1.5mm
Handpieces Included2 (Silver, blue)
LED Output2W
Dimensions240mm x 300mm x 110mm

Product feature

features of the all in one scaler

  • Driving sine waves
  • Horizontal brushstroke patterns with a gleaming appearance
  • Intelligent touch control system: waterproof and ultrasensate
  • Automatically controlled digital frequency tracking
  • The Soft Perio Power of Unmatched Coziness
  • Intelligent self-cleaning reduces the difficulty of disinfection and prevents cross-infection
  • There are two ways to supply water, and switching between them is simpler than ever.
  • For producing liquid, the 900ml stand-alone bottle with a clear 20ml scale mark is convenient.
  • Detachable LED handpiece that is ergonomic, autoclavable, and has improved visibility
  • Handpiece holder that is detachable and autoclavable to prevent cross-infection
  • Using a handpiece, directly control the water
  • A comfortable foot pedal
  • The autoclavable plastic box has six tips, a universal wrench, and an EMS type.


accessories of the scaler tips for the device

Ultrasonic scaler deviceMain scaler unit
2 scaler handpiecesCompatible with EMS and Satelec
18 assorted tipsFor basic cleaning, periodontics, endodontics
G1, G2, G4, P1, P3, E4 tipsIn silver handpiece
P50L, P50R, P52, P53R, P59 tipsIn silver perio handpiece
E3-S, E7-S, E30-S, E31-S, E3-SD, E6-SD tipsIn blue endo handpiece


Additional information
Weight10.5 kg
Dimensions48 × 37 × 20 cm
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