Aluminum Occlusal Reconstruction Wax

Occlusal reconstruction wax is an aluminum-reinforced bite registration wax ideal for full mouth occlusal reconstruction.

With excellent deformation resistance and rigidity, it accurately records maxillomandibular relationships.

Net weight: 250g/box.

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Aluminum Occlusal Wax

Occlusal reconstruction wax is a specialized dental wax that is designed to provide superior stability and dimensional accuracy for registration of occlusal surfaces.

This professional grade wax is designed with aluminum components for increased integrity and heat retention.

It features high translucency for easy identification of high points and early contacts.

This wax is 2mm thick, and it weighs 250g/box and has a softening temperature of 57°C.

This versatile wax is an essential tool for any dental professional looking for a reliable and accurate way to register occlusal surfaces.


Product NameAluminum Occlusal Reconstruction Wax
CompositionWax with aluminum powder
ColorGrey metallic
Dimensions175mm x 80mm x 2mm
Softening Temperature57°C
ApplicationsFull mouth occlusal reconstruction, bite registrations
Working TimeExtended when softened
ViscosityProvides stickiness for accuracy
TranslucencyHigh, for easy occlusion analysis
Deformation ResistanceMaintains shape and bite integrity
PermeabilityNon-permeable, resists fractures
HardnessBecomes hard and rigid upon setting
RepeatabilityAllows for multiple intraoral records
StorageStore in cool, dry place


  • Contains powdered aluminum for enhanced rigidity and shape retention
  • Highly translucent to identify occlusal contacts
  • Excellent resistance to deformation and fractures
  • Extended working time when soft for precise adaptations
  • Becomes optimally hard and brittle upon setting
  • Allows for reliable mounting of casts
  • Facilitates accurate occlusal reconstruction
  • Available in preformed sheets for convenience
  • Metallic grey coloration with aluminum composition
Aluminum Dental Occlusal Wax
Aluminum Occlusal Reconstruction Wax