Light Cure Customizable Settings

Discover the power of innovation in dental curing with our state-of-the-art LED Light Cure product.

Its versatile working modes, adjustable light intensity, and user-friendly design empower dental professionals to achieve precise and reliable curing, revolutionizing the way dental treatments are performed.

Option model: Curing device with light intensity measurement.

Aluminum alloy body, stainless steel detachable head tip.

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Dental Light Cure Device: Efficient Curing with Customizable Settings

Designed for dental clinics, this versatile device offers seven working modes, each tailored to specific treatment needs. From standard restorations to orthodontic procedures and dental inspections, our product provides the appropriate intensity output and curing time options to achieve optimal results.

With customizable settings, dental professionals can easily select the desired intensity and curing time based on the specific dental material being used. This ensures reliable and consistent curing, leading to stronger bond strength, reduced post-operative sensitivity, and superior esthetic outcomes.

7 working models and intensity output options:

  • M1-Standard model
  • M2-Strong light model
  • M3-Super intensity light model
  • M4-Orthodontic model
  • M5-Check mode
  • M6-PULSE mode
  • M7-Progressive mode

curing light 7 working models

Our Dental Light Cure product not only enhances treatment efficiency but also prioritizes patient comfort. Its precise and efficient curing capabilities reduce chair time, improving the overall clinic experience for patients.

Built with durability and reliability in mind, this device withstands the demands of daily clinical use, ensuring consistent performance and minimizing the need for repairs or replacements.

Working model operation guidance

  • Top Button: Long press to turn the device on or off. Short press to start or stop the selected working mode.
  • M/T Button: Finger short-time press to switch between different working modes, long-time press to adjust the current light curing time options.

control setting structure

The M1 Standard mode provides a light intensity of 1000-1300mW/cm², allowing for consistent curing. Pick from the various timer options to achieve the desired curing time for different dental materials.

standard model

For higher light output, the M2 Strong Light mode offers an intensity range of 1800-2100mW/cm². Select from the available timer settings to guarantee efficient and effective curing.

For cases requiring even more light intensity, the M3 Super Intensity Light mode has an impressive output of 2700-3100mW/cm². Its timer options allow for precise control of the curing process.

M3 High intensity light model

The M4 Orthodontic mode is specifically designed for orthodontic applications, with a light intensity of 2700-3100mW/cm² providing the best curing conditions for orthodontic materials. Choose from the available modes to meet your exact orthodontic treatment requirements.

M4 Orthodontic model

In the M5 Check mode, you can take advantage of its unique features to detect surface caries or dental plaque. The violet light used in this mode produces an orange-red fluorescence reaction, aiding in the identification of problem areas.

M5 Check model

The M6 Pulse mode provides a pulsating light with an intensity of 1000-1300mW/cm² for a gentle yet effective curing option. Its adjustable curing times ensure accurate curing.

M6 Implus model

For gradual and controlled curing, the M7 Progressive mode is an excellent choice. Its light intensity ranges from 1000-1200mW/cm², providing a steady and gradual curing process. Select from the available timer settings to achieve the desired results.

M7 progressive model

Our dental light cure unit offers dental professionals a range of working modes with specific intensity outputs and curing time options. Enjoy reliable and precise curing for different dental procedures with our advanced and versatile device.

The additional option of testing the light intensity measurement product is available here.

The dental professionals can benefit from improved accuracy and precision, quality assurance, time-saving efficiency, patient safety, and treatment customization.

Benefits for dental clinics:

1. Outstanding Features Of Light Cure

  • Efficient and effective curing
  • Multiple working modes and adjustable intensity outputs
  • Customizable settings
  • User-friendly design

2. Improved Treatment Outcomes

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Reduced overall chair time
  • Improved patient comfort and satisfaction

3. Various Safety Measures

  • Durable construction
  • Safe and reliable performance

4. Advantages of Dental Clinics

  • Improved treatment outcomes
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Reduced overall chair time
  • Improved patient comfort and satisfaction
  • Safe and reliable performance


LED Light Performance

  • Wavelength: 385nm~515nm
  • The typical peak wavelengths of LED curing machines LED lights are 465±5nm and 400±5nm.
  • Applicable exposure limit (AEL): 3.9×10³J
  • Light guide component output end diameter:10mm
  • Optical effective area: 78mm² Irradiance within the wavelength range: not less than 2500mW/cm²

Battery type:

  • Rechargeable battery Battery model: 18500 3.7V
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
  • Battery protection: Overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection

Power Adapter (Charger)

  • Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.4A Max.
  • Fuse: T1A25OV Output: 5V==1A

Handle and Head tips

  • Overall assembly dimensions: 22.5mm × 22.5mm × 205mm
  • Overall assembly weight: 110 grams
  • Aluminum body and stainless head
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Standard, Pro with light intensity measurement

customizable setting curing light
Light Cure Customizable Settings
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