Dental Burnout Furnace For Press Ingot and Metal

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  • Dental burnout furnace for sale online;
  • the highest temperature:1000 ℃;
  • Inner chamber size:165x120x105mmmm.
  • Overall size: 350x260x430mmcm,
  • Shipping weight: 14 kg.

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Dental burnout furnace

The furnace is designed for dental dewaxing casting and 3D metal printer restoration heat treatment.

The burnout chamber material is polycrystalline mullite fiber, it has excellent heat resistance and thermal shock resistance. It also has good thermal insulation properties, which can help to keep the furnace chamber temperature stable, and can also help to reduce overall energy consumption in the laboratory. Additionally, Polycrystalline mullite fiber is lightweight and has a low thermal conductivity, which can help to improve the overall efficiency of the furnace chamber.

The dental burnout furnace operation is simple and with features of the optimized control circuit, low failure rate, and easy routine maintenance. All figures are displayed, intuitive, and accurate.

The highlight feature of the dental burnout furnace is its ability to rapidly increase the heating rate to 100 degrees Celsius per minute. This feature can be useful in various dental applications, including metal-casting wax burnout and lithium disilicate press ingots casting wax burnout, and 3d metal printing heat treatment. Let’s explore how this feature can be applied in each case:

dental furnace application in dentistry

  1. Metal Casting: In the process of metal casting, a wax pattern is created, which is then invested in a refractory material to form a mold. Before casting the metal, the wax needs to be burned out completely to create space for the molten metal. A dental burnout furnace with a high heating rate can accelerate this wax burnout process by quickly raising the temperature to the required level for wax elimination. The rapid heating rate ensures efficient and time-saving wax elimination, allowing for faster turnaround times in metal casting procedures.
  2. Lithium Disilicate Press Ingots Casting: Lithium disilicate is a popular material used in dental restorations like crowns, veneers, and inlays. These restorations are often fabricated using the pressable ceramic technique. In this technique, a lithium disilicate press ingot is used to create the restoration. Before pressing the ingot, any remaining wax needs to be completely eliminated from the mold. The high heating rate feature of a dental burnout furnace can be advantageous in this scenario as well. It can rapidly increase the temperature to eliminate the wax, ensuring clean and precise molds for pressing the lithium disilicate ingots.
  3. 3D metal printer workpiece heat treatment: The furnace designed for the 3D metal printer workpiece heat treatment application is a vital tool in the additive manufacturing process. With precise temperature control, rapid heating capabilities, and uniform heat distribution, it ensures efficient and high-quality post-processing of metal prints. This specialized furnace plays a crucial role in achieving the desired material properties and structural integrity of dental restorations, ultimately enhancing the overall additive manufacturing workflow.


  • temperature range:50-1000 Celsius degree
  • Chamber size: 165x120x105mm
  • Overall size: 350x260x430mm
  • Rise heating rate: 100 degrees Celsius/minute
  • Power:1.5KW
  • Plugin: 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
  • Net weight: 12 Kg.

Dental Furnace Operation with Build in Programming:

Step 1: Press the down arrow for 2 seconds.
Step 2: The screen will display “stop” to indicate that the furnace is not running.
Step 3: After 2 seconds, the screen will automatically switch to “run” mode, indicating that the furnace is now running.
Step 4: Ensure that the desired temperature and timer settings are correctly inputted before proceeding.
Step 5: Once the furnace has reached the desired temperature and the timer has completed, press the stop button to end the operation.
Step 6: Allow the furnace to cool down before opening and removing the materials.
Step 7: Clean and maintain the furnace according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Download manual here: LTDE furnace operation manual

Benefit in laboratory

Time Efficiency: The rapid heating rate allows for faster wax burnout, reducing the overall processing time. This can significantly increase the productivity of the dental laboratory, enabling more restorations to be completed within a given timeframe. Shorter processing times also mean that urgent cases can be handled promptly.

Workflow Optimization: With a high heating rate, dental technicians can efficiently plan and schedule their work. The reduced processing time allows for streamlined workflow management, enabling the laboratory to handle a higher volume of cases and meet tight deadlines.

Increased Capacity: By minimizing the time required for wax burnout, the dental laboratory can accommodate more cases and improve its production capacity. This can be especially beneficial during peak periods or when facing a high demand for restorations.

Enhanced Precision: The high heating rate feature ensures quick and thorough elimination of wax, leaving behind clean and precise molds. This contributes to the accuracy and quality of the final restorations. Precise molds are crucial for obtaining accurate fit and aesthetics in dental restorations, leading to improved patient satisfaction.


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Weight60 kg
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Dental Burnout Furnace For Press Ingot and Metal