Dental Burnout Furnace

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  • Dental burnout furnace for sale online;
  • the highest temperature:1100 ℃;
  • furnace:width 160mm * height 160mm * depth 170mm.
  • Overal size: 53*46*69cm, Weight: 56kg.
  • Heavy weight dental lab equipment, contact service for shipping cost.

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Dental burnout furnace

The burnout furnace designed for dental casting, this dental burnout furnace machine uses high-quality furnace materials and high-quality furnace wire for longer life and faster heating. The heat-insulating material is high-aluminum heat-insulating cotton, which has better heat preservation performance, small volume and lightweight, and is convenient for handling and placing. It can be turned on regularly to improve work efficiency. All figures are displayed, intuitive and accurate. The optimized control circuit, low failure rate, and easy routine maintenance.


Dental Burnout furnace
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Dental Laboratorio
Power Source
After-sale Service
Online technical support
Quality Certification
rated power
the highest temperature
1100 ℃
rated current
≤ 15A
furnace size
width 160mm * height 160mm * depth 170mm

operating instructions

1. Place the dental burnout furnace machine on a stable workbench, connect the power cord to an air switch no less than 20A, and ensure that the ground wire is firmly connected (generally the unstripped ground wire).
2. The green indicator light is on after the switch is switched on, indicating that the machine is connected correctly.
3. Rotate the heating switch to heat directly, and the temperature controller will start heating after the set time has passed by rotating the delay switch. If the delay process is not over, you can also directly rotate the heating switch.
4. The red indicator light is on when the furnace wire is heated, and the red indicator light is off, indicating that the furnace wire is not heated.
5. Rotate the heating switch, the voltage and ammeter are on, and the intelligent temperature controller is on; the voltage displays the current actual voltage, and the current displays 0 when it is just turned on; the intelligent temperature controller displays two values, “PV” is the actual temperature in the furnace, ” SV” is the set temperature.
6. Temperature setting method: Press the “SET” button in the lower-left corner, and the SV value will flash. At this time, the SV value can be set as needed, ranging from 0°C to 1100°C. Press the key to adjust the position of the changed value, and press the “DOWN” and “UP” to adjust the size of the number; after the value is changed, press the “SET” key to confirm. After the setting is successful, the SV value will display the value you set.
7. Time setting method: Open the time controller cover on the right side, and press the corresponding mechanical button, “H” stands for hours, “M” stands for minutes, and “S” stands for seconds. For example, 12 H 34 represents 12 hours and 34 minutes, 12 M 34 represents 12 minutes and 34 seconds, and 12 S 34 represents 12.34 seconds.

Note: This setting time is a delayed time. For example, if you need to turn on the phone after 12 hours and 34 minutes, set the value to 12 H 34.

When the dental burnout furnace does not work normally, check the followings list of how to deal with it.

common faults Causes of symptoms
The whole machine is out of power Check the fuse
The thermostat displays normally, the red indicator light is on, the furnace is not heating, the dental burnout furnace wire is broken.
The thermostat displays normally, the red indicator light is off, and the furnace does not heat. The set temperature is lower than the actual temperature or the relay is damaged.
The thermostat displays “□□□□” and flashes. Check whether the thermocouple is connected reversely or the thermocouple is broken.
Additional information
Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 53 × 46 × 69 cm
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