Carbide Burs For Arch Model Dental

Carbide Burs Accessories Of Arch Model Dental Trimmer Equipment.

Three head shapes allow you to operate plaster arch trimming needs efficiently.

Experience durability and long-lasting sharpness with our reliable carbide burs for arch model dental equipment.

Minimum 6pcs, Free shipping.

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Arch Model Dental Trimmer Accessories Of Burs

The carbide burs accessories of arch model dental equipment, are ideal tools for shaping and contouring plaster dry arch models. Made from the highest quality tungsten carbide, these cutting tools are designed to provide a smooth and precise cut while minimizing vibration.

With three head shapes, sizes, and grits available, you can achieve your desired results with ease. The Cylinder flat end, Cylinder round end, and Taper flat end shapes provide you with versatility and efficiency in your plaster arch trimming procedures.


  • Measuring 7 cm in overall length.
  • Carbide trimming head part length ranging from 2.5-3 cm.
  • Shank diameter length of 6 mm.

The shank diameter 6mm rubber polisher is also available here.

This design allows for easy handling and precise control, making your plaster arch trimming procedures more efficient and effective.

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Cylinder flat end, Cylinder round end, Taper flat end, Arch model equipment, Rubber polisher