Dental Investment Material

Achieve exceptional strength and compatibility in your dental laboratory processes with our high-quality dental investment material, composed of pure silicon dioxide and zirconium dioxide.

It is specially formulated for lithium disilicate press ingots in laboratory applications.

Packing info: 100g per bag, 50 bags per carton.

Reach out to our sales department for information on how we can efficiently deliver the powder and liquid components of our dental investment material directly to your doorstep, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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Dental casting investment materials for lithium disilicate press ingots

Our dental investment material is specifically designed for use in the laboratory for lithium disilicate press ingots.

Our product is composed of a proprietary blend of materials, which helps to ensure both superior strength and dimensional accuracy. Its unique formula also allows for low shrinkage and superior burnout during the casting process. Our investment material is easy to use, with a low viscosity that provides excellent flow characteristics and easy cleanup.

The lithium disilicate material is highly biocompatible and is used to construct dental restorations that are strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. The ingots are specifically designed to be used with a press machine, enabling the user to quickly and accurately create restorations with minimal wastage of material.


  1. High-Quality Composition: Our dental investment material is composed of high-purity silicon dioxide and zirconium dioxide, ensuring superior performance and reliable results.
  2. Reliable Strength: It offers excellent strength and stability, ensuring that the investment material can withstand the high temperatures and pressures of the press ingot technique.
  3. Compatibility: Our dental investment material is specifically designed for use with lithium disilicate press ingots, guaranteeing compatibility and optimal results.
  4. Accurate Reproducibility: With our dental investment material, you can consistently reproduce accurate press ingots with precise details.

How It Works in the Laboratory

  1. Model Wax-Ups: The dental investment material is used to create molds based on the model wax-ups of the desired restoration. It provides precise and detailed reproduction of the wax patterns, ensuring accuracy during the subsequent steps.
  2. Dewaxing Procedure: After the investment material has been set and hardened, it is placed in an oven for the dewaxing procedure. The high temperatures cause the wax to melt and evaporate, leaving behind a hollow mold ready for casting.
  3. Casting: Once the dewaxing process is complete, the dental investment material mold is heated to a specific temperature, and the molten lithium disilicate press ingot is carefully poured into the mold. The investment material supports the shape of the restoration and allows for controlled cooling, resulting in a solid and accurate final product.
investment material for dental press ingot
Dental Investment Material