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Dental Dowel Pins


Dental dowel pins provide stability during dental procedures by holding tooth sections together, Including a its designed to fits any situation. Therefore, If you're looking for a dental dowel pin, look no further than Dental Laboratorio! Our pins are designed to provide any case so you can do your job right without hassle. Shop now

Dental Dowel Pins

Dental dowel pins in the stone caste are used to remove dye parts and precisely reinstall them in their original location. The Dental dowel pins are positioned over each prepared tooth in the impression of the accurate position. The die designed is removable and precise for the preparation. In addition, the brass material is rugged and corrosion-resistant.

Advantages to used Dental dowel pins

  • The dental dowl pins are more straightforward for the working caste.
  • It also keeps the abutment fixed and immovable, necessary for the proper orientation of model preparation, and reduces the casting adjustments.
  • It's easy to take the harmonious restoration contour for the fabrication of wax patterns.

Types of Dental dowel pins

Flat-sided single dental dowel pin.

The straight and flat brass dental dowel pin is the most common type of pin. It resists the movement and maintains the accurate position, and resists the vertical deviation.

Double dowel pin with a single head

The double dowel pins have two parallel pins with a single head. It engages the two teeth and single insertion in the dental dye.

Two parallel dental dowel pins

Thetwo parallel pins have two different heads. As a result, they hold more than one position and offer more strength and resistance.

Dental dowel pin with spikes

It has spikes on the head region. It can bear stresses and fracture resistance.

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