How to do orthodontic treatment during pregnancy

Many girls wonder when it is better to make orthodontic for their teeth. I was busy in middle school, crazy in college, and graduated. I finally made up my mind. I found that I had reached the age of fertility and worried about the impact of orthodontic treatment during pregnancy:

“Is there a conflict between pregnancy and orthodontics?”
“What should I do about an unexpected pregnancy during orthodontics?”
“Is the effect of orthodontics during pregnancy affected?”

dental braces treatment during pregnancy

Today, let’s talk about pregnancy and orthodontics.

  1. Can I get pregnant during a orthodontic treatment?

Answer from most orthodontists:It is possible to get pregnant during orthodontics,but orthodontists generally do not recommend it.

During the period of orthodontics, pregnancy or ready to get pregnant will not affect the development of the fetus, but due to the changes in the body hormones of women during pregnancy, there may be some restrictions on the movement of the teeth, which affects the effect of the orthodontic.

dental braces movement
  1. What to do about unexpected pregnancy during orthodontic treatment?

If there is an unexpected pregnancy, please contact your orthodontist as soon as possible and let the doctor judge whether you can continue orthodontics based on the condition of your teeth.

If oral hygiene is well maintained and there are no other abnormalities, under normal circumstances, the doctor will reduce the force of the dental braces on the teeth, and the orthodontic treatment can still be continued.

orthodontic treatment during pregnancy

If the subsequent treatment requires tooth extraction and anesthetics,it is usually not recommended during pregnancy.

In addition, during orthodontics, in order to avoid losing the dental brackets, generally cannot eat too hard and sticky food, which may affect the nutritional intake of pregnant women.

Therefore, you can also consult the doctor whether you can choose invisible braces, which are more comfortable for pregnant mothers both physically and psychologically. The quality of life and mood of expectant mothers are also very important.

invisable orthodontic product
  1. Precautions for orthodontics during pregnancy

1), Inform the orthodontist of pregnancy in time
While sharing the joy, the orthodontist will make some adjustments to the orthodontics process. Avoid or postpone some non-urgent uncomfortable operations to ensure the comfort of orthodontics during pregnancy.

2), Pay attention to the maintenance of oral hygiene
Some people may be tired of orthodontic doctors talking about the importance of oral hygiene every time. Here I want to emphasize again: oral hygiene is very important, especially for pregnant women!

During pregnancy, your hormone levels will increase. The changes in hormone secretion, it is likely to cause gum inflammation or gum swelling. In addition, wearing an orthodontic appliance will bring some difficulties to oral cleaning and increase risks of gum inflammation.

To sum up, during orthodontics, pregnancy is possible, but doctors during pregnancy do not recommend orthodontics during pregnancy. If an accidental pregnancy occurs during the orthodontic process, it is okay to continue orthodontics. You have to consult your doctor if you need to adjust the frequency or plan of follow-up visits.

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