Dental Scaler Tips – EMS Compatible:  Your essential instrument in the dental arsenal

Ultrasonic scalers can remove calculus very fast from the tooth surface.

Most of the scaling power of the equipment is at the tip only which is cooled by a water jet. The ultrasonic scaler tip vibrates and assists in the removal of plaque, tartar, etc. The frequency of vibration of the tip lies between 20 to 45 kHz. This means a vibration of 20,000 to 45,000 times every second.

These are available in different shapes and allow for performing various functions like subgingival scaling, root planning, and managing periodontal pockets.


Dental Laboratorio offers a series of EMS-compatible scaler dental tips and scaling systems as below:

  • Tips for Scaling: G1, G2, G3, G4, and G5
  • Tips for Periodontics: P1, P3, P4, P3D, and P4D
  • Endodontics Tips : E1, E2, E3, E3D, E4, E4D, E5D, and E9
  • Cavity preparation : SBD1, SBD2, SBD3, SBDL, and SBDR
  • All of these are available in a package of 5 pieces.

The ultrasonic scaler tips  can quickly remove plaque, tartar, and calculus from the surface of the teeth. The frequency of vibration of the tips ranges from 20 to 45 kHz. This means a vibration of 20,000 to 45,000 times every second within 18 to 32 kHz ideal frequency.

The scaling power of the dental instrument concentrates at the tip. A water jet cools it to prevent overheating of the teeth. The ultrasonic scaler tip can remove all hard and soft tooth deposits including calculus and plaque. Deposits beneath the gingival margin are harmful. They can cause gingival and periodontal diseases if not treated. These tips can also remove everything from the under of the gingival margins.

Being a time-consuming procedure, dental practices can achieve the best outcome by using these high-quality ultrasonic scaler tips thoroughly. As such, these work to prevent dental diseases.

The scaler dental tips vibrate in curved, elliptical, or linear patterns depending on the power rating and type. Because water travels over the tip, it gets electrified and causes cavitation and scouring action. The tip should move over the teeth quickly to reduce the effect of heat generation.

The ultrasonic scaler tips are available in a variety of shapes. Some units also come with detachable inserts for different functions like periodontal pocket management, root planning, and subgingival scaling.

How the ultrasonic scaler tip works

The scaling tips vibrate following a distinct pattern that depends on the type and power rating. As water passes over the tip for cavitation that results in scouring actions. The scaler dental tip should also be moved over the teeth for the heat generated during the process.

The thumb rule is that not more than 10 seconds must be spent on any tooth. Also, the tip should never be pressed hard as that reduces its effectiveness. It is best to select a group of three to four teeth and scale them in sequence to prevent overheating of the teeth.

Tips come in different shapes for various functions including subgingival scaling, periodontal pocket management, and root planning.

Why choose EMS-compatible scaler tips

Any dental practice would like to have the best equipment, instruments, and tools to ensure patient care with precision and concern. Moreover, dental practitioners would not want even in the worst dream to hurt a patient unnecessarily. Being a leader in top-notch dental instruments, all of their dental tools are manufactured to ensure the best possible service to the patients. The tips come with an ergonomic design ensuring proper and convenient hold during the process. Their unique design, and sufficient air pressure, make them easy to perform dental procedures. This is why EMS-compatible scaler tips are used by dental practitioners.