Dental Laboratory/Dentist Relationship

dentist and dental lab relation

Successful dental treatment relies on the mutual efforts of a dentist and dental laboratory relation. Dentists deal with the patient to access the problem and make the treatment plan. But most dental treatments required the fabrication of the appliances and restorations. Now the ball is in the court of the dental laboratory. The dentist takes the impression and makes all the preparation in the patient’s mouth. A dentist must choose the treatment plan that is most appropriate for his patients. After communicating with the patient, making a treatment plan, and taking his impression the next step is to contact the dental lab. The role of the dental lab started from here. The dentist can use the new 3-D technology and best dental material for impression taking. He will use his all experience to get a precise and detailed impression. The mold making and further manufacturing is the responsibility of the dental laboratory.

Role of dental Laboratory

The dental laboratory is responsible to make the required dental prosthesis under the guidelines of the dentist. All work is done in cooperation. The lab has an experienced staff of dental technicians. They follow the instructions and use the dental lab material in the fabrication of prostheses or other appliances. Then they send back the formed appliance to the dentist for further trial steps. So, all the patient-related steps are handled by the dentist, and the dental lab products are made by the dental technician. The mutual relation of clinic and lab gives a positive outcome in the well-being of patients. The dental lab can use high-quality dental material and equipment to give the best dental appliances and restorations. All the products are specially designed for every new patient. 

Dental lab procedures

There are so many procedures in dentistry that require dental lab assistance. The fabrication of dental Crown, Veneers, Removable and fixed dentures, Inlays, Onlays, or dental implants. All involve the dental technician expertise and dental lab equipment. A dentist can’t handle all this work without the involvement of the lab. And an experienced and wise dentist understands the importance of dental lab collaboration. All equipment used in the construction of dental appliances can only be handled by an experienced dental technician. Dental labs can use new technology to keep perfection in fabrication steps.

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