Who should have access to the dental lab?

The dental lab has an essential role in clinical dentistry. The high efficiency of access to the dental lab, better communication and exchange of information between the dental lab and dental clinic can only produce the best outcome. The dentists deal with the patients, but the other whole process of fabrication is under the supervision of dental technicians. They utilize all the dental lab equipment’s and makes the final prosthesis. The dental lab is responsible for all fabrication related steps, like customizing dentures, crowns, and bridges. The dental lab utilizes a variety of dental materials and equipment like Anatomic Dental Lab Articulator, Dental Facebow and other instruments. A trained and experienced dental technician can only use all the instruments in a well-trained way.

Dental Technicians and dental lab.

The dental technician is a trained person in the fabrication of all dental appliances and prostheses. He has a key skill in the handling of dental materials and appliances. They worked directly with the dentist and followed his instructions for all dental constructions. The dental technicalities also have professional qualifications related to the dental lab. Dental technicians have their expertise in;

  • Complete and partial denture fabrication
  • Crown and bridges construction
  • Orthodontic appliances, splints and other removable appliances.
  • Fixed partial and complete prosthesis.
  • Safeguards or night guard’s customization

The dental technicians’ can deal with deadlines and have creative or technical skills. Usually, dental technicians work in the dental lab with their team but they can also directly communicate with the patient under the instructions of the Dentist.

Access to the dental lab:

A dental lab has all the required equipment’s and materials that are essential for the fabrication. The dental technician with their staff works in the dental lab environment. The dental lab also has equipment like Dental Articulators, Dental Lab Tools and equipment. The dental lab has access to the dentist and dental supplies and other related persons.

  • Dental Clinic or Dentist:

The dentist or dental clinic is directly related to the dental lab for the dental fabrications. The dentist has access to a dental lab for better communication. An excellent boundary between the dental lab and dental clinic creates a healthy environment that is necessary for the betterment of patients. The dentist is responsible for the clinical step that is performed in the oral cavity of patients. All other steps are under the supervision of dental technicians. The dentist should choose the best suitable dental lab for its clinic that is accessible and has good communication. The dentist can send the dental impression and molds to the dental lab, or he can ask the dental lab for the safe collection of impressions. Most dental labs offer the opportunity for the delivery of molds and carry all the materials with care.

  • Dental Hygienist:

A hygienist is a person that is trained to perform few dental procedures independently to the patients. Like, hygienists can perform dental scaling, curettage, dental fillings and provide dental education to the patients. The hygienist can also access the dental lab if he needs any fabrication under his scope. The dental hygienist works with the dentist in the same dental setting, also communicates with the dental lab. Construction of customized splits and other dental appliances needs the assistance of dental lab.

  • Dental Assistants:

The dental assistant work with the dentist in the dental clinic. They are responsible for communication with the patient, for appointment taking and preparation of the patient without any dental procedure. They work under the supervision of a dentist and sometimes also helps to communicate with the dental lab. The dentist will deliver all instructions to the dental assistant, and they discussed with the dental lab technician. It can reduce the direct burden to the dentist and also save time. Dental assistant also assists in the clinical steps that needs the care and attention of dentist.

For all the dental-related work, the dental lab required the continuous supply of dental materials and equipment. The dental supplier has the access to the dental lab for the delivery of required products. The dental lab should select the suitable dental suppliers to avoid any inconvenience. The dental lab should also look forward to the quality materials to produce excellent results. The high-quality products improve the fabrication and make them long-lasting. Using low-quality materials can affect their construction and also produces poor-quality products that directly affects the reliability of the dental lab.

Strong bonding between the dental lab and dental clinic is essential for patient satisfaction. An expert dental technician can only better communicate with the dentist and dental suppliers for high-end dental products.

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