What is orthodontics in dentistry

When is it better to start orthodontics treatment

As to orthodontics treatment, what is the process of orthodontics? Is it necessary to correct the teeth when the teeth are all out?

One,What is orthodontics in dentistry?

It is a process of rearranging, restoring, and rebuilding the oral function and normal shape of the teeth on the premise of keeping the original single tooth shape unchanged, not just for aesthetics. Because orthodontics is a non-repeatable process, before deciding on orthodontic treatment, be sure to read more, ask more, compare, consult with professionals, and after careful consideration, decide which treatment plan to choose before proceeding with orthodontic treatment.

Generally speaking, the treatment effect is better for people who are young, healthy and have good oral conditions. If there are serious caries and periodontal diseases in the oral cavity at the same time, the preparation work required before treatment will be longer, and the effect after treatment will also require longer time to consolidate and follow up.

Two,What is the process of orthodontics?

  1. Before orthodontics, plaster models must be made first, so that doctors can measure and analyze, decide on the treatment plan, and keep it as a reference for the treatment effect.
  2. It is also necessary to take X-rays of the head and face, and the orthodontic specialist will conduct detailed measurement and evaluation of the bone development status, and find out the problems in the bone morphology, provide professional advice, and comprehensively determine the orthodontic treatment plan.
  3. Wear dental braces on the teeth. According to the patient’s condition, choose a variety of different appliances.
  4. General follow-up visits are conducted every four weeks or so.
  5. After the orthodontic treatment is completed, the retainer needs to be worn for a period of time to consolidate the therapeutic effect and prevent recurrence.
dental aligners orthodontic treatment

Three,what is the best age to get braces?

Generally speaking, children need to wait until all deciduous teeth are replaced before correcting their teeth (about 11-13 years old). However, in some cases, it is necessary to correct as soon as possible, such as ground cover, severe deep overbite, deep coverage, bad oral habits, multiple teeth, etc., because these conditions will make the maxillofacial deformities more and more serious and difficult treatment affects the development of maxillofacial bones and makes the deformity worse. In severe cases, surgery can only be performed in adulthood. The age at the beginning of orthodontic treatment is not absolute, it varies from person to person, so it is recommended to take children to see a professional doctor for examination on a regular basis, so that oral problems can be discovered in time and professional advice can be obtained in time.

Four,Will orthodontics treatment affect the health of teeth?

Generally speaking, orthodontics not only solves the problem of uneven teeth but also restores the beauty of the teeth, it also restores the oral function and enhances the efficiency of tooth self-cleaning. The orthodontic treatment itself has almost no effect on the stability of the teeth, because the orthodontics force is a soft and lasting force, which is to pull the teeth within the allowable range of biomechanics to make them move, so it will not cause negative health to the teeth themselves. Moreover, studies have shown that, as a result of receiving professional doctor’s teeth cleaning instructions during childhood, children will pay more attention to oral hygiene, which is beneficial to children’s lifelong dental health.

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