X-Blue Endodontic File System

The X-Blue Endodontic File System – A revolutionary NiTi file system with patented variable taper technology for efficient, minimally invasive root canal preparations.

Featuring a unique geometry and specialized cross-section design to deliver confident cutting, precision shaping, and consistent flexibility throughout the canal.

Available in multiple tapered sizes and lengths that follow anatomy and simplify sequential shaping.

Packing: 5pcs per pack, single unit, X1-X5 assorted options.

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X-blue File System

X-Blue boasts MaxTech 6.0 NiTi alloy for enhanced performance.

Its unique geometry ensures a confident trajectory, making debris removal more efficient. With a special cross-section design and Archimedean spiral movement, it ensures debris-free operations

The variable taper design provides accurate shaping with a balance of flexibility and cutting power. The process is minimally invasive, following a simple sequence

The patented technology in X-Blue creates gradient flexibility, offering varying levels of flexibility.

This unique feature ensures a progressive transition from the upper to the apical, aided by a depth marking area for precise centering in the root canal and effective axial force.

By respecting the natural root canal anatomy, the file provides accurate feedback, expressing the root canal morphology.

The sequential shaping simplifies the preparation of small and curved root canals. To cap it off, there’s a standardized finishing file (23 25/.04) for confirming taper and achieving a precise match with GP.


Feature Description
Alloy MaxTech 6.0 NiTi alloy
Geometry Unique geometry for confident trajectory and efficient debris removal
Cross-section Special cross-section design with Archimedean spiral movement
Taper Variable taper design for accurate shaping
Flexibility Patented technology for gradient flexibility
Depth marking For precise centering in root canal
Anatomy respecting Follows natural root canal anatomy
Design Threaded cutting edge for smooth canals
Lengths 21mm, 25mm, 31mm
Speed 300 rpm
Torque 3.0 N.CM
  • X1: 17# taper 04, yellow
  • X2: 25# taper 06, red
  • X3: 30# taper 07, blue
  • X4: 40# taper 06, black
  • X5: 50# taper 05, yellow
Certifications CE, FDA
Additional information

21mm, 25mm, 31mm


X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, Assorted X1-X5

spiral fluted ni-ti files for root canal
X-Blue Endodontic File System
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