GF Files-with Gradient Flexibility for Precise Canal Shaping

The patented GF Files feature a smart design with sequential levels of flexibility for easy navigation of intricate root canals.

With systematic progression, these NiTi rotary files reduce difficulty in preparing small and curved canals.

Length:SX-19mm, T,Z1,Z2,Z3: standard 25mm.

5pcs per box, single unit or assorted SX-Z3.

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Graduated Flexibility NiTi Files for Difficult Root Canal Anatomy

The GF files introduce a revolutionary approach to endodontic instrumentation by incorporating gradient flexibility through patented technology, offering distinct levels of flexibility.

This smart design has a gradual bendiness that smoothly changes from the top to the bottom, making it easy to adapt to different curves in the canal.

A noteworthy attribute of the GF files is their depth marking area, strategically positioned to facilitate easy entry into the canal.

This aids practitioners in achieving precise and controlled placement, enhancing the overall efficiency of the root canal procedure.

The sequential shaping capability of GF files is a game-changer in addressing the challenges associated with preparing small and curved root canals.

By systematically progressing through the shaping process, these files reduce the difficulty level, providing a more accessible and streamlined approach to intricate canal treatment.

The GF files are available in a 4% taper, further enhancing their versatility in shaping and cleaning root canals effectively.

This taper allows for optimal material removal while maintaining the integrity of the canal structure.


File Size Taper Speed Torque Color
SX 19/.04 4% 400rpm 3.0 N.CM Non-coded
T 17/.02 2% 450rpm 1.5 N.CM White
Z1 20/.04 4% 450rpm 1.5 N.CM Yellow
Z2 20/.06 4% 450rpm 3.0 N.CM Yellow
Z3 25/.06 4% 450rpm 3.0 N.CM Red


  • SX 19mm
  • T,Z1,Z2,Z3: standard 25mm, 21mm, 31mm customized options


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SX, T, Z1, Z2, Z3, SX-Z3

graduated flexibility NiTi files for difficult root canal anatomy
GF Files-with Gradient Flexibility for Precise Canal Shaping
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