1:1 Straight Dental Handpiece

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  • Inner Water
  • Stainless steel body
  • Handle convenience
  • Fiber Optic
  • External Water Spray Options

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Straight Dental Handpieces: Smoother, More Precise Cutting

The bur and dental handpiece are parallel in the same line without any other curve. Additionally, The straight handpiece has efficient cutting and an easy grip with excellent rotating power. The slow-speed rotary air turbine has a long working life with a reliable and comfortable design. The straight dental handpiece has small water holes that reduce the temperature and prevent teeth damage in the dental operative field.


The straight dental handpiece is made of stainless steel that is economical and corrosion-resistant.


Straight dental handpieces are extensively used in dental laboratory procedures for finishing, cutting, and grinding. It’s also used for oral surgical procedures for osteotomy and cutting.


E-type Air turbine low-speed straight fiber optic handpiece
ratio 1:1
Bur locking Ring system
Type Internal water spray system
Speed: MAX 40,000RPM
Noise: ≤ 70dB

Model Options

 Fiber Optic, Inner Water Inner water, Non-light External water spray, Non-light
straight handpiece with fiber optic light Inner water spray straight handpiece external water spray straight hand-piece
  • Fiber optic, Inner water
  • Inner water, Non-light
  • External water spray, Non-light

The slow-speed handpiece by Dental Laboratorio is an ideal solution for dental professionals requiring accuracy and reliability. This autoclavable handpiece offers a maximum rpm of 40,000 and a gear ratio of 52 grams, providing a smooth and precise performance.The Fiber & stainless steel body ensures that this handpiece is durable and long-lasting, making it a great choice for busy dental work environments. It offers excellent handling convenience, allowing for comfortable and accurate use. Straight Handpiece is the perfect choice for any dental professional looking for a reliable and precise slow-speed handpiece.

Product FAQ

The Dental handpiece is an invaluable tool for dentists, allowing them to perform a wide range of procedures and tasks. Its primary purpose is to shape teeth by removing decay and performing root canal treatments, but it can also be used to smoothen and polish restorative materials. It is designed to hold a variety of dental burs, giving dentists the flexibility to carry out the procedure with precision. The 1:1 Straight Dental Handpiece is a popular choice among dentists due to its reliable performance, ergonomic design and affordable price.

The 1:1 Straight Dental Handpiece is a great tool for a variety of dental procedures. It can be used for caries removal, cavity preparation, prophylaxis, endodontic and implant procedures, and trimming prosthetics. This handpiece is easy to use, and its versatile design allows it to be used in a variety of applications. It is a great tool for any dental practice.

Handpiece Price is anywhere between $20 to $150. You can check our below products for more info

High-speed handpieces are precision medical devices for removing tooth tissue efficiently, preparing cavities for restoration and crowns, and sectioning teeth during surgery.

For removing soft decay, finishing cavity preparation, polishing, trimming, and prophy work, low-speed hand pieces are used.

Choosing the right dental handpiece is essential for any dental practice. When selecting a dental handpiece, there are several factors to consider. These include the handpiece type, the handpiece’s features, and the cost.The type of handpiece is important to consider. There are three types of dental handpieces—high-speed, low-speed, and slow-speed. High-speed handpieces are typically used for small, complex procedures such as cavities, while slow-speed handpieces are used for larger, more involved procedures such as crowns and bridges.When selecting a handpiece, it is important to consider the available features. Modern dental handpieces have various features, such as LED lighting, an ergonomic design, and an autoclave-safe design. Additionally, some handpieces are equipped with advanced technologies such as 3-D imaging and vibration-reducing technology.Finally, the cost is an important factor to consider when selecting a dental handpiece. Handpieces come at different prices, from entry-level to high-end models. Features, brands, and quality should be considered when determining the cost.Selecting the right dental handpiece is essential for any dental practice. By considering the type of handpiece, the features available, and the cost, it is possible to find the right dental handpiece for

1:1 Straight Handpiece Manual

Indication for Use

The Conmetior 1:1 Straight Handpiece is intended to be used for high-precision cutting, drilling, grinding, machining, and other industrial applications. The device is designed to provide superior accuracy, strength, and durability for the most demanding of operations. The handpiece is suitable for use in a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, foam, metal, and composite materials. The device is also suitable for use in applications requiring precise and controlled cutting, drilling, and grinding operations.

Area of Application

The 1:1 Straight Handpiece should only be used by experienced dental professionals who have training and knowledge in implantology and are aware of the applicable regulations for occupational safety and health and the manufacturer’s instructions for use. It is important to ensure proper safety protocols are followed to minimize the risk of injury. Furthermore, the user must be aware of all the indications for the use of this handpiece and the limitations of its use.

General Safety Information

Before beginning treatment, it is essential to check that the locking mechanism is functioning properly, and that there is no excessive vibration, noise, or heat.Before inserting the handpiece into the patient’s mouth, ensure that it has been sterilized. Once the handpiece is in the patient’s mouth, only use standard burs or drills that are compatible with the handpiece, and do not exceed the maximum rotation speed of the bur or drill.If a bur or drill becomes clogged, you should immediately remove it and replace it with a clean bur or drill. Do not attempt to remove the bur or drill while it is still in motion.After the procedure, the handpiece must be sterilized before it is used again. Additionally, it is important to carry a spare handpiece in case of total failure.

Technical Characteristics

The user should ensure that they have the appropriate operating conditions set to prevent any risk to the patient or to another person. The maximum torque of the handpiece should be at least 55Ncm or greater and the maximum rotation speed should not exceed 2000 r/min. It is also important to ensure that the handpiece is frequently inspected and maintained to ensure optimal performance.

Cleaning and Drying

Rinse the handpiece and irrigation nozzle thoroughly with running water. Ensure the water temperature is ≥38° C (100° F) and the water flow rate ≥3.5L/min; the water should be of the same quality as drinking water.Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to thoroughly clean the external surfaces of the handpiece for at least 15 seconds.Using an interdental brush (conforming to size 4 in ISO 16409, wire thickness 0.7 mm), clean around the bur insertion hole for at least 15 seconds.Inspect the handpiece’s inappropriate lighting (natural office lighting) for any visible debris, such as blood or other residue. If any remains, repeat the cleaning process until the handpiece is completely clean.

Additional information
Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 cm

Fiber optic, Inner Water, Fiber optic, External Water, Inner Water, Non-light, External, Non-light

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9 reviews for 1:1 Straight Dental Handpiece

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    I’ve never had Straight Dental Handpiece that I could rely on. They were always clunky and I wasn’t sure if they would work when I needed them the most. Then, my company ordered the Dental Handpiece from this site and it has been the best investment we have made! The handpiece is accurate, easy to use, and can be shipped to whatever location you need it at

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    I ordered a 3D dental lab scanner from the website and it was delivered to me within 10 days. I’ve been using it to make the best dental handpieces for my company and I am very happy with the accuracy and speed of delivery.

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    Meilleur produit n vaut pour l’argent

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    The product are amazing. it is the most helpful website for all the dentist. It will never disappoint you

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    better than expected 🙂

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