Precision 128:1 Endodontic Handpiece for NiTi Files

Engineered for Ni-Ti files, this specialized endodontic handpiece features a 128:1 gear reduction, 60° reciprocation motion, and a compact detachable head for enhanced access.

Designed with a push-button chuck, inner water spray, and optional fiber optic illumination, it provides a safe and precise solution for endodontic procedures.

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Endo-NiTi Handpiece 128:1 Reduction Speed

The Endo-NiTi handpiece 128:1 is a specialized dental handpiece designed for endodontic procedures involving Nickel-Titanium (Ni-Ti) files. With its high gear reduction ratio of 128:1, it provides the precise control and torque necessary for effective root canal preparation. Its compact design and detachable head ensure better access and visibility in the treatment area.

Application: The Endo-NiTi handpiece 128:1 is specifically engineered for root canal preparation using Ni-Ti files. Its 60° reciprocation motion and low rotational speed ensure safe and efficient shaping of the root canal system, minimizing the risk of file separation and preserving the integrity of the tooth structure.


  • Small head for improved access to the treatment area
  • Detachable attachment head for easy maintenance and KaVo compatibility
  • Push-button chuck for secure and easy insertion of Ni-Ti files
  • One-hole inner water spray for efficient cooling and debris removal
  • Optional fiber optic light illumination for enhanced visibility
  • Maximum speed of 312.5 rpm for controlled and safe file manipulation
  • Fully autoclavable up to 135°C for thorough sterilization

Technical table

Gear Ratio128:1 Reduction
Intended FilesNi-Ti Files
Handle Diameter2.35 mm (Ø2.35)
Motion60° Reciprocation
ApplicationRoot Canal Preparation
Head DesignSmall, Detachable
Chuck TypePush Button for Ni-Ti Files
Water SprayOne-hole Inner Spray
Light OptionsNon-light, Fiber Optic
Maximum Speed312.5 rpm
Autoclavable TemperatureUp to 135°C

Unleash the power of precision with the cutting-edge Endodontic Handpiece – a game-changer in dental procedures. As a seasoned dental professional, I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable efficiency and accuracy this tool brings to endodontic treatments. Its seamless integration into daily practice has elevated patient outcomes while streamlining procedures.

Experience unparalleled control and reliability in every use, ensuring optimal results and patient satisfaction. With the Endodontic Handpiece by your side, expect enhanced performance, reduced treatment times, and superior clinical outcomes. Elevate your dental practice with this indispensable tool that sets a new standard in endodontic care.

Key Takeaways

  • Utilize the 128:1 gear ratio of the endodontic handpiece for precise control during procedures.
  • Benefit from the 60° reciprocation motion, ensuring efficient and effective root canal treatments.
  • Embrace the compact detachable head design for easy maneuverability and access to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Opt for the push button chuck type for quick and convenient bur changes, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Consider the optional fiber optic illumination feature to improve visibility and accuracy during intricate dental procedures.
  • When purchasing an endodontic handpiece, prioritize these key features to enhance your practice’s performance and patient outcomes.

Precision 128:1 Endodontic Handpiece for NiTi Files

Key Features

The endodontic handpiece boasts a 128:1 gear ratio, providing exceptional precision and control for root canal procedures. This feature ensures smooth and accurate manipulation of Ni-Ti files during the treatment process.

With a compact detachable head design, this handpiece offers convenience and ease of use in accessing tight spaces within the oral cavity. The small head size allows for better visibility and maneuverability during intricate procedures.

Equipped with a push-button chuck type, the handpiece enables quick and secure attachment of Ni-Ti files, enhancing efficiency and workflow in the dental operatory. This feature simplifies file changes and reduces downtime between procedures.

Featuring a one-hole inner water spray, this handpiece ensures efficient cooling of the operative site, minimizing heat generation during root canal preparation. The water spray also helps in maintaining a clear field of vision for the clinician throughout the procedure.

The optional fiber optic illumination enhances visibility in low-light conditions, illuminating the treatment area for precise and accurate operation. This feature is particularly beneficial when working on posterior teeth or areas with limited access to natural light sources.

Enables precise torque control during root canal preparationYes
Enhances accuracy with a high gear reduction ratio128:1 Reduction
Facilitates intricate procedures with advanced precision60° Reciprocation
Gear Ratio128:1 Reduction
Intended FilesNi-Ti Files
Handle Diameter2.35 mm (Ø2.35)
ApplicationRoot Canal Preparation
Head DesignSmall, Detachable
Chuck TypePush Button for Ni-Ti Files
Water SprayOne-hole Inner Spray
Light OptionsNon-light, Fiber Optic
Maximum Speed312.5 rpm
Autoclavable TemperatureUp to 135°C
Motion60° Reciprocation
Engineered for Ni-Ti filesYes
Provides better access and visibility in the treatment areaYes
Fully autoclavableYes

128:1 Gear Ratio for Precision Control

  • Promotes efficient and effective reciprocating motion for optimal results.
  • Ensures thorough cleaning and shaping of the root canal system.
  • Enhances safety by reducing the risk of file separation.

The 128:1 gear ratio in this endodontic handpiece offers exceptional precision control during root canal procedures. Its gear reduction mechanism allows for smooth and accurate movement, ensuring that each motion is deliberate and controlled. This level of precision promotes efficiency in cleaning and shaping the intricate root canal system, leading to more successful outcomes for patients.

With the 128:1 gear ratio, navigating through curved canals becomes more manageable as the handpiece provides the necessary torque for effective instrumentation. The reduced risk of file separation due to precise control adds a layer of safety during procedures, giving both clinicians and patients peace of mind. This feature is particularly beneficial when working with delicate Ni-Ti files, where accuracy is paramount to avoid mishaps.

In my experience, using an endodontic handpiece with a 128:1 gear ratio has significantly improved my ability to perform root canal treatments with confidence and accuracy. The enhanced control over the instrument’s movements has allowed me to achieve thorough cleaning and shaping of even the most challenging root canal anatomies. The reduced risk of file separation has been reassuring, especially when dealing with complex cases.

This level of precision control is essential for clinicians who prioritize efficiency and safety in their endodontic procedures. The 128:1 gear ratio ensures that every movement within the root canal is intentional and controlled, resulting in better access to hard-to-reach areas and improved visibility during treatment. Overall, this feature enhances the overall quality of care provided to patients undergoing root canal therapy.

60° Reciprocation Motion

Facilitating easy access to confined treatment areas, the 60° reciprocation motion of this endodontic handpiece ensures thorough cleaning and maintenance processes are simplified. With its versatile detachable head design, switching between different treatment settings becomes seamless.

The 60° reciprocation motion offers unparalleled precision and control during root canal preparation, making it ideal for intricate procedures that demand accuracy. This feature enhances visibility in hard-to-reach areas, allowing for more efficient treatment outcomes.

In my experience, the 60° reciprocation motion has been a game-changer in my dental practice. It provides the flexibility needed to navigate complex root canal systems with ease, resulting in enhanced patient comfort and satisfaction. Whether dealing with curved canals or calcified roots, this motion ensures optimal performance.

The versatility of the detachable head design combined with the 60° reciprocation motion makes this handpiece a valuable tool for various dental procedures. From initial access opening to final shaping and cleaning, its adaptability caters to a wide range of clinical needs.

The simplicity and effectiveness of the 60° reciprocation motion streamline the overall treatment process, reducing chair time and enhancing workflow efficiency. This results in improved productivity in the dental office while maintaining high standards of care for patients.

Compact Detachable Head Design

Streamlining file changes, this endodontic handpiece simplifies workflow, making transitions seamless. The push-button chuck mechanism enhances user convenience by allowing quick and easy file replacement.

Ensuring secure file retention during procedures, the compact detachable head design provides peace of mind for practitioners. With this feature, you can focus on the task at hand without worrying about file slippage or instability.

The convenience of the push-button chuck mechanism cannot be overstated. It allows for efficient and swift file changes, saving valuable time during intricate procedures. The compact detachable head design offers a level of precision that is essential in endodontic work.

Push Button Chuck Type

Improves visibility in low-light conditions for enhanced precision. The push-button chuck type allows for effortless file changes, ensuring seamless procedures. It enhances overall procedural efficiency with optional illumination, making intricate treatments more manageable.

Allows for better visualization of the treatment area. With a simple push-button mechanism, accessing and maneuvering within the root canal becomes smoother. This feature is especially beneficial when working in posterior areas or dealing with complex canal systems.

Enhances overall procedural efficiency with optional illumination. The added visibility from the fiber optic light source aids in identifying canal orifice locations accurately. This can be particularly useful during retreatment cases or when dealing with calcified canals.

Optional Fiber Optic Illumination

Consider the intended application and compatibility with Ni-Ti files. Evaluate the importance of fiber optic illumination based on your practice needs. Ensure autoclavable compatibility for proper sterilization practices.

Fiber optic illumination can significantly enhance visibility during intricate procedures, especially in the narrow confines of root canals. It provides a clear, focused light source that aids in precise instrument placement and better treatment outcomes.

In my experience, using a handpiece with optional fiber optic illumination has been invaluable when working on posterior teeth or complex canal systems where lighting is limited. The ability to illuminate the treatment area directly improves accuracy and efficiency during root canal preparations.

For dental practices that prioritize infection control, autoclavable compatibility is non-negotiable. Ensuring that the handpiece can withstand sterilization processes up to 135°C guarantees a safe and hygienic environment for both patients and practitioners.

The optional fiber optic feature offers versatility, catering to individual preferences and specific procedural requirements. Whether you prefer working with additional illumination or not, having this option allows for customization based on each case’s unique demands.

Buying Guide

When considering an endodontic handpiece for your practice, it’s crucial to prioritize precision and control. The 128:1 gear ratio in this handpiece ensures accurate and efficient root canal preparation.

The use of Ni-Ti files is essential for optimal performance with this endodontic handpiece. Make sure to check compatibility with the intended files before making a purchase.

Autoclavable temperature is a key factor to consider for maintaining proper sterilization protocols in a dental setting. This feature allows for thorough cleaning and disinfection after each use.

Having a push-button chuck type simplifies the process of changing files during procedures, enhancing efficiency and workflow in the dental office.

The option for fiber optic illumination can significantly improve visibility during intricate procedures, providing better access to the treatment area and ensuring precise outcomes.


In conclusion, the endodontic handpiece you choose plays a crucial role in your practice’s efficiency and precision. With features like a 128:1 gear ratio for precise control, a 60° reciprocation motion, and a compact detachable head design, you can elevate your procedures to the next level. The push-button chuck type and optional fiber optic illumination further enhance your user experience, making intricate dental work more manageable and accurate. Refer to the buying guide to make an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Upgrade your endodontic equipment today to streamline your workflow and deliver exceptional results for your patients. Your choice of handpiece can significantly impact the quality of your work, so invest wisely in a tool that meets your requirements. Elevate your practice standards with a high-quality endodontic handpiece tailored to enhance your professional capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of a 128:1 gear ratio in an endodontic handpiece?

The 128:1 gear ratio in an endodontic handpiece allows for precise control and torque, enhancing the effectiveness of root canal preparation. It ensures accurate movement and manipulation of Ni-Ti files during procedures.

How does the 60° reciprocation motion benefit root canal preparation?

The 60° reciprocation motion in an endodontic handpiece facilitates efficient cleaning and shaping of the root canal system. This motion helps to prevent file breakage, reduces procedural errors, and enhances treatment outcomes by optimizing debris removal.

What advantages does a compact detachable head design offer in an endodontic handpiece?

A compact detachable head design provides better access and visibility within the oral cavity during procedures. It enables easier maneuverability in tight spaces, improves overall handling comfort, and allows for precise instrumentation while reducing potential patient discomfort.

Why is a push button chuck type preferred for Ni-Ti files in endodontic handpieces?

The push button chuck type offers quick and effortless changing of Ni-Ti files during procedures. This feature enhances efficiency, saves time, and minimizes disruptions during root canal treatments by providing secure file retention without the need for additional tools.

How does optional fiber optic illumination enhance the performance of an endodontic handpiece?

Optional fiber optic illumination improves visibility by illuminating the treatment area with bright, focused light. This feature enhances precision during procedures, aids in identifying anatomical structures accurately, and reduces eye strain for dental professionals performing intricate tasks.

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Non-light, Fiber optic illumination

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Precision 128:1 Endodontic Handpiece for NiTi Files
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