Dental Lab Electric Saws Diamond Disc-Large 85mm Diameter

Discover Precision and Durability with Our Diamond Disc for Dental Lab Electric Saws.

Perfect for Model Trimming, Prosthetics Fabrication, and More.

Double-sided diamond cutting, large diameter 85cm.

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Dental Lab Electric Saws Diamond Disc-Large 85mm Diameter



Diamond Disc for Dental Lab Electric Saws: Precision Cutting Excellence

This diamond disc is perfect for dental lab electric saw equipment, providing an ideal tool for accurately trimming dental models and fabricating dental prosthetics. It has a large diameter with a flat surface, ensuring no deflection during working on the plaster model.

Technical info:

Parameter Specification
Diameter 85mm
Inner Hole Diameter 20mm
Thickness 0.3mm
Coating Double-sided diamond
Application Dental model trimming, dental prosthetics fabrication, restoration trimming, crown and bridge fabrication
Compatibility Dental lab electric saws
Material High-quality alloy
Usage Professional dental lab applications
Precision High precision cuts with minimal deflection
Durability Long-lasting performance
Packaging Securely packaged for safe delivery


  1. Precision Cutting: Engineered for dental model trimming and restoration tasks, our diamond disc ensures precise cuts with no deflection, thanks to its flat surface design.
  2. Optimal Diameter: With an 85mm diameter, our disc offers the perfect size for efficient crown and bridge fabrication, enhancing your dental laboratory workflow.
  3. Enhanced Durability: Crafted with a 0.3mm thickness and double-sided diamond coating, this disc guarantees longevity, even during rigorous dental lab use.
  4. Seamless Integration: The 20mm inner hole diameter allows seamless attachment to your dental lab electric saw, ensuring a secure fit for consistent, high-quality cutting results.