LabPro Wax Sculpting Kit

Achieve dental lab perfection with our specialty wax sculpting kit.

Includes 5 steel spatulas with tapered tips ideal for detailing crowns, bridges, implants & other restorations.

Options: 5pcs per set, or single model.

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DentaSculpt Wax Carving Essentials

Our dental wax sculpting kit contains 5 specialty stainless steel spatulas for intricate dental lab work.

With tapered tips ranging from 1mm to 5mm, these tools allow for detailed wax sculpting and carving.

The thin, flexible 17.5mm blades provide precision control for crowns, bridges, implants and other restorations.

Constructed from durable steel, the spatulas retain shape through repeated heating/cooling cycles.

The seamless handles offer comfortable grip for reduced hand fatigue.

Bring your wax skills to the next level with this essential lab kit.


Model Length Tip Width Material Key Features
T1 17.5mm 1mm Stainless Steel Ultra-fine tip for detail wax work
T2 17.5mm 1.5mm Stainless Steel Precision tip for crowns and veneers
T3 17.5mm 2mm Stainless Steel Versatile tip for bridges and implant restorations
T4 17.5mm 3mm Stainless Steel Broad tip for rapid wax removal
T5 17.5mm 5mm Stainless Steel Wide tip for major wax reductions

Product features:

• Thin, flexible blades provide superior control and precision

• Sharp, tapered tips refine wax-work down to the microscopic level

• Rounded ends prevent damaging fragile wax material

• Durable, high-grade stainless steel retains shape over repeated heating and cooling cycles

Additional information

Set, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5

ProCarve Dental Wax Tool Set
LabPro Wax Sculpting Kit
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