Condylar Guidance Articulator For Orthodontics/Prosthodontics

This semi-adjustable dental tool ensures accurate maxillo-mandibular relationship evaluations, delivering superior treatment outcomes.

With an adjustable range of -20° to +60° for condylar guidance and easy mounting plates, streamline your dental model analysis and bite registration processes.

Designed for efficiency, this Artex System compatible articulator empowers dentists to provide lifelike dentition simulations and customize lateral movements with the Bennett Angle from 0° to +30°.

Enhance your orthodontic/prosthodontics with our precision condylar guidance articulator.

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Our Condylar Guidance Articulator offers precision and efficiency with its semi-adjustable design.


Parameter Adjustable Range
Condylar Guidance Inclination -20° to +60°
Mounting base Magnetic absorption
Bennett Angle 0° to +30°
Retrusion 0 to 2 mm
Incisal Guidance Pin -5 mm to +10 mm
Incisal Guidance Table 15°, 35°
Mounting Base Ladder-shaped design
Compatibility Artex System
Easy Mounting Disposable plates
Application Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Dentures
Semi-Adjustable Yes


Feature Of Condylar Guidance Articulators

Dental professionals can benefit from the adjustable range from -20° to +60° for mandibular movement replication, and the 19 mm curvature radius for lifelike dentition simulations.

The Bennett Angle can be adjusted from 0° to +30° for lateral movement customization, while the Incisal Guidance Pin offers versatile bite registration from -5 mm to +10 mm.

The ladder-shaped design mounting base ensures compatibility with the Artex System and allows you to easily swap disposable mounting plates.

Take your orthodontic/restoration/prosthodontics practice to the next level with this essential tool for maxillo-mandibular relationship evaluation and treatment planning. Experience the power of precision and efficiency with the Condylar Guidance Articulator.

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Articulator, Disposable plates

Artex System Compatible Articulator for Prosthodontic Procedures
Condylar Guidance Articulator For Orthodontics/Prosthodontics
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