Occlusal Rim Plate For Complete Denture

Discover the cutting-edge occlusal rim plate- your ultimate dental lab companion for precise and efficient complete denture fabrication.

Streamline occlusal surface creation, reduce fatigue with its ergonomic design, and achieve exceptional results in record time.

Elevate your dental lab workflow with this versatile and user-friendly innovation fabrication tools.

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Ergonomic tool for quick and easy occlusal surface fabrication

The occlusal rim plate is the perfect tool for dental labs, revolutionizing the fabrication of complete dentures with its precision and efficiency.

Its ergonomic design, superior materials, and streamlined occlusal surface creation make it a must-have for any dental lab. It is also user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for experienced and new dental technicians alike.



Precision Dental Lab Tool

  • Meticulously crafted for durability and reliability
  • Ergonomic design for user comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Streamlined occlusal surface creation for quick flattening

Versatile Dental Lab Essential

  • Suitable for complete denture fabrication, bite registration, and occlusal rim formation
  • Superior materials for resistance to wear and tear

User-Friendly Innovation

  • Intuitive operation for both experienced and new dental technicians
  • Elevates dental lab workflow with exceptional results
High-precision occlusal rim plate for dental lab complete denture fabrication
Occlusal Rim Plate For Complete Denture