Dental Spirit Lamp

Our dental spirit lamp is the perfect tool for any dental laboratory, achieving proper temperature heating and adjustable wick settings to suit your needs.

Translucent glass material made with volume 120ml.

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Adjustable wick spirit lamp dental laboratory

A dental spirit lamp is an essential tool in dental laboratories. It is used to effectively heat metal materials, such as wax, which are used for dental applications.

The lamp is comprised of a spirit-filled glass container that is suspended in a metal case with a wick and an adjustable air intake. The heat from the lamp can be adjusted depending on what type of material is being heated.


Made of high-quality translucent glass, it has a capacity of 120ml and features an innovative loosen fitting cap design for easy use.

The adjustable wick ensures your lamp is always ready to provide the perfect light for all of your dental procedures.

Parameter data:

  • Volume:120ml
  • Diameter:78mm
  • Height:90mm.
Additional information
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 cm
Dental Laboratory Alcohol Burner Spirit LAMP with Wick
Dental Spirit Lamp