Dental Implantation Instrumentation Kit for Proceedure of Bone Compression & Maxillary Sinus Lift

This precision-engineered set contains 29 essential instruments designed for seamless coordination at every implantation stage.

Core components like the Bone Condensing Drill Bit Set and Maxillary Sinus Lift Tool Box provide controlled bone compression and access for complex procedures.

This versatile dental implantation instrumentation kit enable precise implant placement and stability for optimal patient outcomes. This comprehensive kit is your key to mastering implant techniques.

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Dental implant procedure set-29pcs

Elevate your dental implant procedures with our Dental Implant Enhancement Kit, a comprehensive set of precision-engineered instruments designed for excellence at every implantation stage.

The bone condensing drill bit Set is the core of this kit, ensuring precise condensation for maximum implant stability. Our bone compression punch drill streamlines bone compression and expansion, prioritizing patient comfort and ideal outcomes by minimizing tissue disruption.

The maxillary sinus lift tool box set,empowers you for successful maxillary sinus lift procedures, providing versatility and reliability.

Designed for seamless coordination, these instruments work in harmony, ensuring consistently precise performance.

Enhance your dental practice today with our Dental Implant Enhancement Kit, your key to achieving implant dentistry excellence.


  • Surgical Drill Bits
    • Sharp, durable stainless steel bits
    • Diameters from 1-4mm for osteotomy prep
    • Color-coded for easy identification
  • Implant Mounting Tools
    • Drivers for implant fixture placement
    • Torque wrench for controlled insertion
    • Depth gauge and direction indicators
  • Sinus Lift Instruments
    • Curettes, elevators for membrane elevation
    • Graft carrier and membranes
    • For minimally invasive sinus procedures
  • Extraction Socket Tools
    • Curettes for tissue removal
    • Graft delivery for stabilization
    • Promotes successful socket grafting
Dental implant instrumentation for Maxillary Sinus Lift
Dental Implantation Instrumentation Kit for Proceedure of Bone Compression & Maxillary Sinus Lift